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Relocating to MK

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ERobinson1 Wed 05-Mar-14 11:25:28

Hi there
My husband and I both have to relocate from Cheshire to within commuting distance of London Euston/Kings Cross (and prefereably before August when our first child is due!!)

I'm enquiring as to good/bad parts of MK. We aren't too bothered or snobby about it being new build/established, we just want easy to get to and safe areas, close to a train station that runs to London (up to 2 miles). Preferably with some nice pram walks, things to do on foot as well since I'll be on mat leave on my own until May although I know there's a lot that needs a car there.

I'm originally from the north east and have family in Leicester so the M1 is really handy for visiting people and on paper MK looks great but I could do with a bit more info. Any hints or tips? Our budget is up to �325-350k.

Thank you!!

fsk1953 Wed 12-Mar-14 09:14:11

Hello, I just posted a reply on a similar thread but yours is rather newer! We relocated to MK from London last year when I was pregnant. We live in Bradwell Village and really like it. It's easy cycling distance to the station, or about a 25-minute walk, it's just over a mile. My husband usually cycles, there are plenty of racks at the station, and so far no thefts! Fast trains to London are half an hour and go so regularly I don't even bother checking the timetable. In the evenings you only get slow trains though, so it takes an hour after about 9 pm.

The whole city has "redways" which are for pedestrians & cycles only. These are all great for walking with the pram, and you get into open greenery quite quickly even living so close to the centre. I do of course use the car almost every day, because it's just a lot easier for shopping. There's an Ikea in Bletchley, which has proved very handy. The only snag for us is that living close to the station means we're not that close to the M1 junction - it's on the Eastern side of the city, only takes about 10 minutes though, so not disastrous.

Other good parts of MK and surrounding area, in my opinion (not that I know a great deal) are: Shenley, Stony Stratford, Woburn Sands, Olney, Willen, Middleton. These are however all further away from the train station and would all be driving distance.

Generally speaking you will find some pretty dodgy estates close to the city centre; I would definitely avoid Lakes, Conniburrow, Heelands, Coffee Hall, Netherfield. Wolverton is further away, but also not very nice. You do get a feel for what won't work for you pretty quickly.

Most estates in MK are of course new build; Bradwell Village is ancient but has been extended with some rather ugly bungalows. What you'll find quite odd here is that there'll usually be a clutch of pretty houses on a nice estate, surrounded by some sort of dodginess. It just takes a bit of getting used to, and so far nothing has turned out to be that scary after all.
Prices are amazing in terms of what you get for your money, so for 350 you'll likely be able to get a good 4-bed family home.

anyway, hope that helps! If you do move here, happy to have a coffee as the big drawback for me is that I've met absolutely no one (I'm basically crap at going to things).

4uday Thu 10-Apr-14 11:46:30

Hello..We just moved to MK 6 months ago.If you plan to stay in MK for a long term, you have to consider other aspects like schooling..It may seem too early to think about it but believe me getting admission in a popular school in MK is a nightmare if you are not in catchment area. Loughton, Shenley Church End, Westcroft and Tattenhoe have very good schools and some of them are self sufficient with shops, health centre etc. Loughton is one of best places to live in MK(as per a survey) and is not far from train station. I highly recommend Loughton / Great Holm area.

ndya Thu 18-Sep-14 11:32:37

We just moved to MK for 1.5 months now. We live in Westcroft and I absolutely love it! We started looking for houses in Feb but good houses get snapped within the same day! It is such a nice change from Central London. We used to live in Ealing, London which is a nice family area but nothing compares to MK. Space, greens, lovely neighbours, quiet and no traffic!

What I've learned from the many agents I've seen was the type of house/area I preferred was on the West side of M5. I stuck to his guideline and yes we found our house. Woburn Sands, Stony Stratford are nice but less spacious. I have a 19m LO and another one coming in Jan. I've heard that we are within good school catchment but I haven't surveyed the schools just yet.

I don't mind having coffee once you've settled down or if you need to get away from boxes at home. I'm still new here and would love to make new friends.

dreyh Thu 20-Nov-14 08:11:51

Hello ndya
We will move to Mk now on December, I have. 4 months lite boy and I would like to meet some mums and make friends. Are you interest in meet sometime?

Mars1973 Fri 05-Dec-14 10:46:11

Hi all,
I've been in MK nearly 15 years and like any 'city' there are good and bad parts. Most estates have a bit of both.
The surrounding villages are lovely, but if you don't drive not great for the buses.
Woughton on the green, Woolstone, loughton all lovely areas, but pricey as to be expected and close to central MK. Peartree bridge where I live is okay, some of the Waterside a bit run down, but Ambridge Grove and some near the Peartree Inn nice.
Also within walking distance (about 15 mins ) to central MK. Maybe avoid Netehrfield, some of Eaglestone, Springfiled and Fishermead....although there are some nice bist too.
Looking to meet Mums too, my boy is coming up to 7 months.

poojasm Thu 11-Dec-14 03:00:17

Hi, I am relocating to UK from India and planning to stay in MK and commute to London or the rest of Europe regularly. I have a 7-year-old boy. I will be joining work in March but my son and husband can join in UK anytime between March and May. Please help suggest areas that we should explore for renting properties (we are looking at a spacious 3-4 bedroom) and also school options. I've heard that getting through a good state school is a nightmare so, I am considering an independent/private school.

katlifa79 Thu 07-Jan-16 04:57:32

My family of 5 is relocating from the U.S. to England next month. My husband will be working in Dunstable. So far, we think MK could be a good fit for us. Our children are 14, 11, and 8. Anyone have any updated advice on location in MK? We are hoping to be near a great primary and secondary school.

aspiring1 Sun 07-Feb-16 01:11:08

Hi katlifa79
Oakgrove is a very good secondary school near Monkston and Middleton area of MK, very convenient for the motorway too M1 for your husbands commute to Dunstable.
Good luck with the move!

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