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Co Working Spaces in Lancashire

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TellMeOnASunday40 Sat 22-Feb-14 18:54:40

I have been trying to work at home this week, but it has been really chaotic with the kids being on half term. I have a big project coming up...does anyone know of any co working work spaces to rent on daily/weekly short periods within a 10 mile radius of Preston Town Centre?

LocalEditorLancashire Sun 23-Feb-14 11:27:44

There looks to be somewhere in Preston around £45 a day

I'll ask on twitter for you & report back with anymore. Would a library or Starbucks type place help at all? Often smaller independent cafes have free wifi I guess you run the risk of other peoples children there in half term.

Northernfiona Fri 06-Jan-17 05:48:00

This is a reply many months later about coworking - I help to run a Coworking space outside Lancaster . It's too far from Preston but would only be £7 a day nof £45! And I can highly recommend working in a Coworking space if that's what you want.

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