Anyone in Thame??? Hello!!!

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NancySp Sun 20-May-18 22:08:18

Hello lovely mumsnet group. We are planning to relocate in Thame this summer. We are looking into a property close to Roundhead Dr. Is it a good area for a family? Are there any areas we should avoid in Thame? Any info would be very much appreciated. Many many thanks.

LocalEditorOxford Mon 28-Apr-14 15:30:52

Hi Davies - congratulations on your pregnancy. You'll be fine I'm sure - I hope one of our Thame girls will come along soon but feel free to ask me any questions in the meantime. Have you registered with your midwife and so on yet?

davies102 Fri 25-Apr-14 11:51:01

I am moving to Thame in the next few weeks and am currently 32 weeks pregnant with my first baby (terrifying but very exciting!). Due to work commitments my husband will not be able to join me and bump for another few weeks so I'm looking for some mums or mums to be to spend some time with, meet for a coffee and have a general get together with. I'm completely new to the area so don't know anyone... hope to meet some new mummies soon!

LocalEditorOxford Wed 12-Mar-14 16:42:49

Well, Fraggle hasn't taken up the LA position so it's still open if you'd like to volunteer - and congratulations on your pregnancy

lubrad07 Wed 05-Mar-14 16:33:14

Hello! I moved to Thame about 6 months ago and don't really know anyone in the local area either. I'm 10 weeks pregnant so very early days for me but it would be lovely to meet some other people in Thame, especially mums as this will be my first so am feeling quite clueless!

FraggleRock77 Tue 11-Feb-14 01:18:58

I will have a think about it but thanks for all the info x

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LocalEditorOxford Mon 10-Feb-14 20:12:35

Probably Wallingford, so half an hour away - there's a meet-up planned in Didcot in a couple of weeks.

It's not a very onerous task, basically you go to the Meet Ups page tell everyone when and where you'll be and then hope some people turn up! If you let me know about it I can put the word out on social media and in our newsletter, but all you have to do is go along for a coffee somewhere. You might even be able to persuade the venue to do you a discount if you're enticing new custom in.

Occasionally we get sent freebies/things to review etc and the Local Ambassadors get first dibs, so there's that to recommend it, too.

More info here


FraggleRock77 Mon 10-Feb-14 20:04:53

Hello. Thanks for the reply. What does it entail? How would i entice others? Can I ask where is the nearest local ambassador? grin

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LocalEditorOxford Mon 10-Feb-14 20:01:25

Hi FraggleRock!
We don't have a Local Ambassador out your way to organise meet-ups, so let me know if you fancy doing it and maybe you can entice a couple of other mums out for a nice coffee. There's a lovely bakery near the market place that does amazing bacon sarnies in the cafe upstairs...

FraggleRock77 Mon 10-Feb-14 18:27:50

Hello, i've just moved to Thame with our 4 month old DS. Anyone local fancy meeting for coffee?

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