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Virgin Active Fulham - NOT child friendly

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YoungFulhamMum Sun 09-Feb-14 21:29:32

Earlier today had an awful experience at Virgin Active Fulham Pools. Club claims to be kids friendly but I was approached by two members of the Virgin Active team (a tennis coach and some sort of a manager) asking to control my 3 yrs old because she was too loud while playing in the cafeteria area. No other club members where inconvenience ... just the tennis coach! What made this more annoying is the fact that the manager (claiming to have a 3 yrs old child too) stated that he was able to control young children and that I should be able to do the same. My 3 yrs old was running around and yes she was loud. She was playing near the area set up for kids. If the cafeteria is an area designed for member to seat down and relax why put there kids toys? The tennis coach was complaining because he wanted his food quietly.

Before I write to Virgin Active ... do you think I am in the wrong!!

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