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re: Nursery Registrations

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triceratop Fri 31-Jan-14 15:49:35

Hello, my son has just turned 10 months and the Health Visitor informed me that I should register my baby with a nursery as there was a baby boom the year he was born. He is with a child minder, not a nursery currently and I intended to use a child minder until he could go to the nursery associated with our local school. This would be Holystone Primary School Nursery - I thought they had to be 3 before they went there? Do I need to register so early? Any advice would be very helpful.

LocalEditorTyneside Mon 03-Feb-14 18:46:46

Hi Triceratop,

They can go to a nursery attached to a school from the age of 3 and most schools take the September after they turn 3. Nurseries attached to schools are quite popular and not sure how many children Holystone take each year.

It wouldn't hurt to put your name down and I know that most nurseries will do this and not think it strange. I have put my ds's name down and he is 13 months.

The best bet is to talk to the school and see what they say.

Good luck no let me know how you get on.


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