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Looking for someone to help partially sighted mum and dd have some fun

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Lolaloopsy Sat 25-Jan-14 18:56:33


I live in S66. Both myself and my 7yo dd are partially sighted. (Dd also has autism) We are on our own a lot at weekends and find it hard to go anywhere fun.

I'm not sure what i'm looking for, but I'm imagining a mum and kids who would accompany us somewhere we couldn't get to alone (maybe swimming at the dome, or skating at ice Sheffield, or Magna, or bowling, or the cinema, or we'd love to try climbing...) I would definitely pay petrol costs and possibly entrance costs for the mum to the activity. Enough to make it financially easy for the family helping to have a fun time too, but I'm on a low income so it has to be affordable... We get carers discounts at some places but I usually have noone to come with us as a carer.

We don't usually need lots of supervision when we are inside, especially places we've been before. It's mobility outside I struggle with and that's what is currently leaving us stuck at home.

I'm imagining maybe getting out once a month...

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