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Moving to Leigh-on-Sea / Westcliff

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jaspinall Fri 17-Jan-14 16:17:44

Hi, am moving to the area in a couple of months. We have 2 young boys. We've driven around and like the area - and are limited to certain areas within Leigh and Westcliff by our budget. Are there any areas/streets that should be avoided? Its hard to judge what area's are like at night time.

Thanks :-)

Binder34 Mon 26-Jan-15 06:48:16


I'm also moving to the area but not until the summer.

My son will be a year old when we arrive. How old are your boys?

From my research and understanding, there aren't really streets to avoid in Westcliff/Chalkwell but there are in Southend - like in any town, I guess. I'm sure others will correct me if I'm wrong!

I have friends with older kids, in the Chelmsford area but not in Westcliff/Leigh and would be keen to meet up for a coffee/play one weekend, especially if your boys are near to mine in age.

Good luck with your search and move :-)

Taler Fri 06-Feb-15 16:36:07

Hi both, I have lived in Leigh/Westcliff for 8 years and LOVE it. Am sure you both will too. Wonderful place to bring up children : )

Myself, my DH and our 15 month old DD now live in Chalkwell (although as Chalkwell is not a recognised postal address it comes under Westcliff).

Binder34 is right (imo) that there aren't any roads as such to avoid, but where to move to depends on your requirements. For instance, when we moved from our flat in Leigh to our bungalow in Chalkwell our 2 main 'must haves' were that we wanted off-street parking (parking in Leigh is really not great!) and I needed to be near the station for my commute to work.

Best of luck to you both with your moves : )

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