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Advice on schools in Rugby + general info about the area PLEASE!

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ZandZ Tue 14-Jan-14 17:59:40

Hi All,

I've only just joined Mumsnet and this is my first post here. Actually posted this in Education section too.

I would really appreciate an advice on Rugby area in terms of education and general information.

Currenly we live in Northamptonshire and now are thinking of moving as my husband's new job is in Birmingham. I work in Kettering and Rugby seems like a good alternative commute-wise for both of us and schools look not bad.

At the moment we have one son 2.5 y.o., so really are interested in primary schools but as I hope we will stay in our next house for at least 20 yrs (fed up of moving to be honest), so secondary school also comes into the equation.

I've done some homework and I've read quite a lot of info here on mumsnet a while ago and my perseption is that the best area for us would be Hillmorton. Paddox primary school and Ashlawn Secondary School - that is what I am thinking about (in case my son won't be able to pass the exam to Lawrence Sheriff Grammar school - which I hope he will).

Now we viewed quite a few properties in this area and actually lost one sale there (because of the problems with our buyer). Anyway, now we are in a position to start our new property search and I am a bit terrified. Unfortunately, there are not that many properties on the market in this particular area and my questions are:

1) Have we chosen correctly? Should we aim for this particular area? I even haven't been in any of those schools and only base my opinon on what I've read on the web. However, the lack of properties on the market and how fast they go makes me think that it was the right choice and lots of people aim for this area for a reason. In this case it would make sense to be persistent and to hunt for a house in this particular area.

2) Should we consider other areas of Rugby? They say Bilton and Hillside are good areas too. But I've chosen Hillmorton, so my son can go to Ashlawn Secondary School in case he won't get to the Grammar school as I've mentioned earlier. I am not sure about secondary schools in Bilton and Hillside.

3) Should we consider any other areas between Birmingham and Kettering? Our main requirements are good schools, reasonable distance to travel to work and preferably a town (not a village) with activities for children and some pubs/restaurants + hopefully shopping.
We quite like how Rugby is positioned as well - easy access to motorways and very easy to get to London.

I will be very grateful for your comments.

Many thanks in advance,

TheLadyInThePinkScarf Sat 15-Feb-14 09:16:33

Hi, I moved to Rugby. It is expanding a great deal in housing and services.

I think you will be ok in both Bilton and Hillmorton.

I think people look down on Brownsover, that area has changed now, you have three parts to it. Cooton Meadows/Brownsover and Old Brownsover. There is a lot of building going on near the new College too.

Are you interested in established housing stock or New Builds?

Mum2threeIEB Sun 03-Apr-16 08:37:13

I live in Rugby, all Primary's are good, I would aim for Ashlawn catchment for secondary school, they also have a grammar stream. House prices in this area are a lot more though!

monsieurpoirot Mon 08-May-17 10:44:01

Any update. We're in a very similar situation now!

bonita33 Mon 08-May-17 21:44:25

Eastlands and St Matthew's Bloxam are two more good primary's and it would be easy to get the bus to Ashlawn or walk to Lawrence Sheriff from these areas.

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