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relocating family to Shetland..

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LeahandJamiesMummy Fri 10-Jan-14 16:39:56

Hello, I was wondering if there is anybody on here that is living in shetland that can give me some insight into what it is like to live there, I live on isle of arran at the moment so we know the island life well. We want to build a new life for our family (DD is nearly 3 and ds is 8 weeks) I was just wondering what it is like there and if it's an ideal place to bring up kids. Tia for any information anyone can give me smile katy x

CentralshetlandMam Wed 12-Feb-14 18:45:22

Despite what my Granny (from arran) believes living in shetland is nothing like living in arran. My grandad (also from arran) agrees.

Yes, it's a good place to bring up kids (as I would argue are many rural mainland scotland areas) but it takes £500 & 14hours to get a family of four & a car to scotland, so many people I know with families haven't left the islands for a couple of years!

You'd really need to be specific about what Island or area you were thinking of!

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