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Moving to South Cumbria and need advice on primary schools

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Lightlucy23 Sat 04-Jan-14 20:53:02

My husband will be working in Barrow and we will initially be renting in Ireleth but have found a house in Scales that we like. My son is due to start school in September 2014 but I need to choose the schools by 15th January 2014.

Going from the RM school finder website our first choice would be Low Furness CofE, then Lindal and Marton CofE, then Pennington CofE, and I am not sure what to put as a fourth choice? What I was wondering is if anyone can help me with local knowledge and advice about possible other school options or what I have selected?

Thanks for tasking the time to read this.

LocalEditorCumbria Sun 05-Jan-14 02:38:18

Hi lucy

I thought I would give you a quick overview of the schools you have selected and possible schools for a fourth choice - this will give you a little bit more time to decide.

First of all the three schools you have chosen are pretty close in terms of driving from Scales I think in this order towards Barrow - Low Furness, Pennington and Lindal and Marton.

Pennington and Lindal and Marton are both longstanding OFSTED outstanding and I think Low Furness is pretty close to it if not already.

The three schools have a fantastic reputation and are rural so will have a community spirit. I think you would probably be happy with which ever one you got.

As for a fourth choice the two schools that would seem to fit into being small or rural would be Newton school in Newton towards Barrow - has just added a nursery did have a bad OFSTED ten years ago but have put it behind them and thriving - school has a lovely atmosphere.

Church walk (Used to be Ulverston Infants) not sure of name now it has become an infant and junior school. Small in Ulverston first year it has had junior classes so will be making sure it is successful.

All of the schools mentioned are small and lovely communities. If you have time I would look around to get a feel for them if not whichever one you choose will not disappoint you.

Best wishes


Wetoopere Mon 06-Jan-14 06:26:43

SJB , Croftlands and St Mary's in Ulverston all got a good reputation too.
Its unusual here not to get the first choice school and you're unlikely to get as far as fourth anyway. I've never put more than 2 on any form.

Wetoopere Mon 06-Jan-14 06:39:33

The head at Low Furness (assuming its not changed while I've been off) is very nice and approachable. Children all like her which is usually a good sign!

Wetoopere Mon 06-Jan-14 06:41:41

If you go as far as choosing an Ulverston school, church walk is probably the weakest choice practically as you'll be driving and its the furthest plus most limited on parking.
Croftlands would be nearest or St Mary's though parking is worse there.

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