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Where to get a new period-style front door?

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SandersteadMum Thu 02-Jan-14 16:07:48

We need a 30's style front door. I know there are some really expensive providers and that a joiner could make something equally nice for far less money but I'm thinking that they would not be able to provide fancy stained glass.

Can anyone recommend anyone relatively local to make and fit a new front door?

Creany17 Sun 09-Feb-14 08:01:00

There's a guy in Sydenham who also works around Crystal Palace who restores period doors and fits them. He's Jim and his shop is Doorz 130 Kirkdale- had planned to get one from him but the expense of moving means it's on hold for a while so cannot give any reviews of his work but his mobile is 07977100071-

SandersteadMum Sun 09-Feb-14 12:01:10

Thanks for that. We're definitely looking for a brand new one though to avoid any warping. We were going to use Cotswood in Cheam but having had a surveyor round and a quote, we can't get them to answer their phone to place the booking!

pashmina696 Sat 15-Feb-14 21:22:21

Hi I am also having my front door replaced, cotswood have quoted for me, i am using voysey & jones who were more competitive on price and I was very impressed with their attention to detail on our design and order. Think the only other company offering this service is the London door company .

mummytime2 Wed 11-Jun-14 11:21:19

SandersteadMum - did you use Cotswood in the end? We are considering them but they are impossible to get hold of and I reckon that the huge premium that you pay does not equal a great product/service. I'd expect them to want to do the business and try to 'woo' me at that price. I think a carpenter/joiner is the way to go, at least they want the business.

SandersteadMum Wed 11-Jun-14 11:32:45

Thanks for asking Mummytime2.

Yes, we did put our order in with Cotswood. We should have known better given how difficult it was to place the order.

We ordered the door c. 4 months ago, had it fitted c. 7 weeks ago. It's still not completed to our satisfaction. Will fill you in properly as and when it is ever finished.

A friend did ask if we would recommend them and I told her to avoid them.

mummytime2 Sat 12-Jul-14 23:23:25

Did you ever get the door fitted to your satisfaction? We decided against using Cotswood. The price was much more than they suggested over the phone and it's been impossible to actually place the order. We hung around in their office in Cheam for almost an hour. We managed to not be acknowledged in all that time whilst the 1 employee spoke to 1 couple. Our children did get glared at for daring to play quietly with their toys though. I thought they kept it together really well waiting for that amount of time with the limited entertainment available. So we left without actually speaking to a member of staff and lots of other people came in and hovered and then left. Not sure how they stay in business to be honest. Strange.

SandersteadMum Thu 02-Oct-14 16:09:52

Sorry, didn't see your question Mummytime2. It actually took a further month for them to rectify the problem, so a total of 5 months. The first appointment was cancelled after they were due. The lady who finally came to fix the door was very lovely though and did a good job.

We also have never received a paper receipt for our payment, despite asking several times.

The door does look great but the service is just ridiculous. Only the woman in the North London office and the female painter, again from the North London office, seem to care but as we are in South London, this isn't great.

We've had some other (aluminium) doors fitted round the back and side recently and that new company couldn't have been more helpful. Such a contrast.

LimeGreenMachine Wed 21-Jan-15 19:48:54

I've just had two doors fitted by Cotswood Doors, and I was really happy with the service - we didn't have any issues with contacting them or with fitting times. We actually had to put them off fitting it because we weren't ready as quickly as they were! The doors are lovely quality, too.

Maria349 Fri 13-Oct-17 20:59:04

I've just used The London Door Company and really wished I hadn't , wish id realised how much cheaper a joiner would have been . Also:
The general attitude and poor level of service towards their customer for the 6 k it cost me was shocking and a highly unpleasant experience .

ClementineWardrobe Mon 16-Oct-17 13:51:46

Hi I can highly recommend Afforde Doors in Carshalton. I have a lovely Art Deco style front door from them, new with stained glass. They fitted it too and I had it painted later. Can't remember the cost now as it was a few years back but remember it was very reasonable.

ClementineWardrobe Mon 16-Oct-17 13:52:55

Ha! 3 year old popped up on the new local board at the bottom of my page.

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