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SallyfromSA Wed 25-Dec-13 15:49:29


We are looking to buy in Renfrewshire next year. Can anyone advise on areas in Paisley with okay high Schools. Very new to Scotland and any tips would be great.

(PS: Happy Christmas and all.)


LocalEditorRenfrewshire Sat 28-Dec-13 11:53:48

Hi Sally,

Welcome to the area! What ages are your kids and would it be Catholic or non denominational schools they'd be going to?


SallyfromSA Wed 22-Jan-14 19:16:47


So sorry for not coming back here for so long. My son is only in P1 but want to put down some roots now and wanted to pick the right location to buy in. We aren't Catholics. Just want good school with good facilities and nice kids. Not too rough. Looking at a new build in Johnstone. (Budget suits and we qualify for the Help to Buy.) Wondering if placing requests an option. Will they think I'm mad asking this early?

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