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Single parents

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redhead24 Wed 11-Dec-13 13:35:12

Hello there, throwing this out there a bit.....

I'm a single mother of two aged 5 & 8, and would really appreciate sharing advice and support with others in a similar situation or who have been through this.

I've been seperated from my kids dad for two years, and having real problems with them and their suffering due to the divorce... eldest is hitting, lashing out, being VERY agressive, and I'm at my whits end and what the right thing to do for him is.

They don't see their dad very often, every 8- 10 weeks, and dad has just told them he'll see them in the New Year! They haven't seen him since October.

Don't know how to make their hurt better, or easier. I'll do anything!!!

All advice appreciated - I am asking.

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