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Moving to Chorley

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MrsDandBaby Mon 25-Nov-13 11:21:00

Hi - we're thinking of moving to Chorley from SE to be closer to family and general better quality of life.

We're at very early stages so haven't mentioned this to family yet as we want to do some more research first.

I have a 4.5yr old (just started school) and 2.5yr old (will start pre-school next Septebmer)

What are the schools like around Chorley - are they very strict on catchments?
Where are the best areas to live (looking for 3/4 bed detached house)


Solero Wed 25-Dec-13 20:45:32

HI just found your post. We (hubby and 2 girls 3 & 6 motnhs) have recently moved to Buckshaw Village and it is lovely. There is a real community here, mostly families. Lots of green spaces and play areas, feels very calm and safe. I have also heard good things about the school which they are currently extending. I would recommend the village to anyone.

Daydream007 Fri 21-Jul-17 17:53:18

Buckshaw Village is a lovely area to bring up a young family.

bracbelle Fri 12-Oct-18 19:20:11

I will be moving to chorley soon too with my family... any tips for someone moving from the Caribbean? My kids are boy, 12 years and girl, 6 years. What are the best schools and towns?

housepicturesqueclub Mon 17-Dec-18 13:50:28

Chorley FM...

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