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Anyone from London in WGC?

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wgcdad Sun 24-Nov-13 08:50:28

I just made this move but am already missing London's convenience. We had several leisure options for kids (parks, soft play areas, swimming pools) which I am missing here in Welwyn GC. I have 3 yo daughter. I still haven't had the time to explore, though. I'm still adapting with the train commute and feeling out of place and unsecure about the choice I've made. I've chosen WGC for the reviews, it does look fine (and better than London) to raise a child. Well, In couldn't buy anything decent with my budget in London or inside M25 anyway. But that is on the rational side. On the emotional one, I feel very insecure.

Did anyone here feel the same when left London to WGC? How long it took to get settled and adjusted?

Do you feel you've done the right choice for your family/children?

Where do you usually take you kids?

Do you like WGC or would be back to London if you could?


Ayana19 Sun 11-May-14 11:25:46


Came across your post- we are also looking to move to WGC from London and have similar concerns about adapting to life in surburbia as we too will be commuting to London to work and are looking at childcare for our lb. Have you settled in WGC?how are you finding the local amenities please? Thanks

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