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I need recommendations for good primary schools in Enfield..!

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Lynnsky77 Wed 20-Nov-13 12:32:20

Hi there,

We're looking to move to Enfield in the next year and want to move somewhere that's in the catchment area of a good primary school.

Any recommendations are highly welcome!

Thanks smile


TenthMuse Wed 20-Nov-13 13:39:24

Hi OP, I'm a teacher in Enfield so will do my best! It's a big place, though, and quite varied, so it really depends on your budget - some parts are much nicer (and therefore much more expensive!) than others.

As in many places, the very sought-after schools tend to be church schools (in which case previous church attendance is important) or community schools in the more middle-class affluent areas. In the case of the latter, catchment areas are often tiny - about three or four roads in the case of Walker Primary in Southgate. There is quite a serious shortage of school places in some areas of Enfield, so you'll need to do your research and move as close to your chosen school as possible.

A few good options are:

Winchmore Hill/Grange Park - Quite an expensive/middle-class area but does have some more affordable pockets. Most sought after school is probably St Paul's, which is CofE, then Grange Park (huge but very good community primary) and Eversley. Merryhills is another option - academically it's not quite up there with the others, but it's a safe, solid choice with a reputation for being friendly and nurturing.

Enfield Town/Chase - Generally a bit more affordable than WH and convenient for shops/facilities/trains into London. Best schools around here tend to be church schools though - St Michael's (CofE) or St George's (Catholic). St Andrew's (CofE) has traditionally been seen as a 'nice' middle-class primary school. It's been through a bad patch lately with lots of upheaval/staff changes, but it tends to get decent kids and is likely to be on the up again soon. The community options (Chase Side and Lavender) are both OK but a lot more mixed demographically, as their intake tends to come from the more deprived parts of the area. Forty Hill (CofE) is a bit further afield (feels quite 'out of the way') but has a good reputation. George Spicer is another decent option but is about to expand massively to almost 1,000 places (this looks to be a trend, as the population in Enfield is increasingly rapidly)

Southgate - Bit of a schools places crisis round here - Walker School is great, but is constantly in the local paper because it's turning away children who live literally next door and has no room to expand. St Monica's (Catholic) also has a good reputation.

Bush Hill Park/Palmers Green - Raglan is in a 'nice' area and has traditionally been good, but I think results etc have taken a bit of a dip recently. Firs Farm in Palmers Green feels a lot more 'urban' and has a very mixed intake, but it achieves excellent results and is rated 'Outstanding' by Ofsted.

Not so sure about schools in EN3 (across the A10) or in Edmonton, as I don't have as much direct experience of these areas. As I said, it really depends where in Enfield you're looking to move, whether you'd have the option of a church school, and which schools turn out to have places. Can advise further once you've narrowed down your list if that would help at all (have either taught at or know staff at most of the schools I've mentioned above).

Lynnsky77 Fri 22-Nov-13 10:54:36

Thank you so much, that was VERY helpful!

I have actually lived in Enfield before so know the area a little bit. We have been doing some research, in terms of league tables etc, and have so far narrowed the search down to the area around Enfield Town and Chase Side, but we're still open to look at other areas. Especially, since it seems extremely difficult to find suitable property that happens to be in the catchment area of those schools.. So we really appreciate your advice on those other schools.

I will have a chat with my husband and we'll post again if we can think of any other questions.

Thanks again smile

TenthMuse Fri 22-Nov-13 12:06:06

No problem - glad it was useful! smile I live near Chase Side so very happy to answer any further questions.

Probably a long way in the future, but you might also want to bear secondary school options in mind - the current school of choice seems to be Highlands in Grange Park, but it's increasingly oversubscribed and most of Enfield Town/Chase (except the very top part of Enfield Chase closest to The Ridgeway) would be out of catchment. Otherwise most local children go to Enfield County/Grammar or Chace Community.

Lynnsky77 Fri 22-Nov-13 12:55:01

Yes secondary schools, although still a long way away, are definitely something to consider as well.. thanks for the info! smile

marthamalloy Fri 25-Apr-14 12:48:34

Late to this thread but would like to add that the non church options in EN2 are excellent. They include Worcesters, Chase Side and Lavender. As a teacher in EN2 I would have no hesitation in choosing any of these schools and think the comment that they take from "the more deprived parts of the area" is mis leading. They take the local, typical children in the area, those whose parents do not suddenly "find God" a year before the applications for Reception are made. smile

Good luck OP.

Mum2arj Tue 23-Sep-14 08:12:51

I realise this is an old thread but hoping to revive it as I really need your help.
We are about to relocate to Enfield due to DH's job. We have narrowed down to the areas we like - Southgate and Winchmore Hill. We have a 2.5 yr old son so being within the catchment of a good primary is important. We are not Christians so I don't believe we'll have a chance at the CoE schools. I've not been able to get appointments to go see the schools but from the desktop research I have done, I like Walker primary and Eversley primary. I understand they both have tiny catchments so only been looking within 0.3m radius to the two schools. We are about to make an offer on a house close to Walker but before we do that, would appreciate any help/guidance/info you could give on Walker and how it compares against Eversley. They are both Outstanding rated, seem to have good results etc. I like the fact that Walker is currently smaller but this could change in the next 2 yrs when it's time for lo to start.
What are the extra curricular activities both schools offer? What is the teaching like in both schools?
Pls send any info that you can - would be hugely appreciated as we do need to make the decision soon.
Many thanks in anticipation.

qah34 Tue 21-Jul-15 02:30:40

I may be too late but just to add, Edmonton County Primary Phase is a great school. Has only opened a year ago but truly, my daughter's experience there has been fab! Catchment area quite wide as still new. It is also an all-through school which means your child is automatically allocated a place in secondary. Hope this helps.

BarnetEnfieldEditor Sun 26-Jul-15 12:39:53

Thanks for resurrecting this thread, and it would be great for more people to update on the schools situation in Enfield for the benefit of other parents smile

Woowoo7 Tue 28-Jul-15 12:20:12


Hoping someone will have some great input such as the above post for primary schools in Enfield Lock/Village area.

Unfortunately I haven’t heard the best things about the schools in the area but my fingers are crossed that we haven't spoke to the right person and that we will find a hidden gem :-) . We are in the area for the year and hoping someone might be able to point us in the right direction.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!!

Melekdemir Tue 16-Aug-16 23:50:53

I just move to Enfield area. Please give me advise on primary schools.
Thank you

CroqueMadame1 Wed 17-Aug-16 08:36:28

Melek - where are you in Enfield? It's a big borough!

BarnetEnfieldEditor Thu 18-Aug-16 19:45:26

I'm just bumping this thread in case anyone is able to advise on primary schools? I'll also share the request for info on our Facebook page and Twitter. flowers

Melekdemir Wed 14-Sep-16 22:21:34


Anybody have any info about Tottenhall infant school in palmers green.

Please let me know.

Sengah Wed 14-Feb-18 19:49:22

Hi, hoping a post in this thread might get some intel on schools in the Southgate area- we have been quite surprised to hear estate agents say a lot of people go private there as options are so few.

Tashki17 Fri 23-Feb-18 13:59:04

Hi Senagh, whereabouts in Southgate and is it primary schools or secondary?

I live on the Palmers Green/Southgate border and traditionally there has been a big issue with schools here as it doesn't fall into any catchment areas. There are some excellent church schools but we are not religious so that was not an option for us. However, two years ago Ashmole Academy opened a new primary school and this has been very popular. Last year, the catchment areas of the local schools changed as a result - for example Walker Primary School's catchment was much bigger. It is too early to tell whether this is a one off yet, we will need to wait and see what happens when the primary school allocations are made in April this year but it has made people feel more optimistic.

Certainly if you live within the catchment of Walker or Ashmole, these are meant to be excellent. Another option is West Grove Primary which is not as popular as the other two schools but is very much loved by the parents whose children go there. It tends to be undersubscribed so you would be very likely to be offered a place there.

This website can help you see the catchment data for the last few years:

My daughter starts in Reception this year and I have put Walker as my first choice and Ashmole as my second.

Hope this helps.

Sengah Sat 24-Feb-18 08:59:49

Thanks a ton Tashki17, yes it is a really helpful response. I wasn't aware of ashmoles new entry so it explains why the houses we are currently looking at were in walkers catchment last year and yet are 500m away. I couldn't understand why, if walker catchment is so tight. I don't think any are in catchment for ashmole.thanks too for sharing that west grove is well regarded, hard to find this kind of insight without visiting each school etc.

Saischool1 Wed 25-Jul-18 15:49:38

Which schools would you recommend in EN2 area close to chase farm hospital? Is St. John’s or st michaels easier to get for in year admissions? What about lavender hill?

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