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Egremont area - what's it like to live there?

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holmessweetholmes Sat 16-Nov-13 18:53:40

Hi! We are hoping to move somewhere more rural, preferably near the coast, in the near future. Had been looking at the West Country but just spotted a possible job for dh in Egremont. Having googled a lot, the area looks totally stunning. What's it like as a place to live though? Wondering if it would be horribly insular... Thank you!

strictlymummy Wed 04-Dec-13 22:56:30

I know you had thread on chat and you were planning to visit, not sure if you've been yet. No need to be insular. Plenty of going on round here. Egremont is not height of sophistication but has basics of PO, bank, pharmacies x 2, food shops, takeaways etc. Fresh air and sea and hills are great. Good friendly schools locally too. Pm any questions if you want to ask specifics.

holmessweetholmes Fri 13-Dec-13 22:31:58

Thanks! I only just saw this reply! The interview has been postponed until after Christmas, but we are going up next weekend to have a look around. Looking forward to it! Will pm you if I think of any questions - thanks.

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