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Noel park and downhills/Harris primary schools

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wendycj Thu 24-Oct-13 22:36:50

Anyone have any thoughts about these schools since they've become academies. Hoping we might get a place at Belmont for my son next year but we are on border of usual catchment.

Heard bad things about noel park over last couple of years but have things changed with new head? I assume there will be massive pressure to improve ofsted-wise as they've been forced to become an academy and were still judged to be failing. Was pleasantly surprised when went to see it. Music provision seems very good and impressed by the fact they learn French from early on. And anyone got experience of Harris primary academy Philip lane, formerly downhills?

Thanking you for any responses

TotallyTeenMum Thu 28-Nov-13 22:21:28

Noel Park is really improving at the moment. New head has brought in lots of changes; extra-curricular activities, etc. (so I hear from a friend whose children are there!)
My niece and nephew are at Downhills/Harris and the changes have been no help. A series of incidents with my nephew and a serious lack of communication with parents.

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