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Introduce Yourself! :-)

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LocalEditorPembrokeshire Tue 22-Oct-13 23:12:22


Now that we are getting Mumsnet Pembrokeshire up and running I thought it would be a good idea to introduce ourselves. :-)

My name is Claire and I am the Local Editor for Pembrokeshire.

I live in Milford Haven and I have four children, three girls, 2, 5 and 6 and a ten year old boy. I am a former teacher, currently work at home mum and general dogsbody.

I love days out in Pembrokeshire- the beach, woods, castles etc.

I also enjoy reading, writing, craft (knitting/sewing/cross stitch/painting), running, blogging, dancing, singing, listening to music, theatre/DVDs and tele!

I'd love to get to know you all and start arranging meetups in Pembrokeshire. :-) We also have lots of competitions for Pembrokeshire Mumsnetters so stay tuned!

Best wishes,


Jellykat Wed 23-Oct-13 20:22:07

Hiya Claire smile

I'm in 'as North as North can be' Pembs.. Nice to see you, as the last time i checked, this site was empty!..

I'm a Lone parent with a nearly 24 yr old and a 15 yr old, both boys. DS1 lives in Bristol, he went off to study music, got a First, then decided to be a Web designer, doing really well and happy. Now just got to sort out DS2, not so easy as he's Dyspraxic.

I work in retail part time, and have a little business, sewing and selling. Also passionately into music and can get quite fiery about Animal rights. (but not in a scary way smile)

Yep, i too watch a fair bit of telly, mainly crap it has to be said, but usually whilst sewing.

I'll be into a meet up, but be warned i don't drive, can get to Haverfordwest really easily though.. x

Sassgee Wed 29-Jan-14 11:26:10

Hi, I am in Herbrandston with a 14 month old boy. I am 37 years old & a stay at home mum and love it! Trying to establish a wider baby circle of friends ;-)

katsnmouse Sun 23-Feb-14 15:29:14


Hope this site is still going!

I'm 27 and a new mum, DD is 3 1/2 months so still got my mummy 'L plates' up ! I'm also fairly new to the area so eager to meet other Mums. We live near Narbeth but like exploring outside the area!

cobles1 Mon 28-Apr-14 22:22:32

Hello there.
hubby, my daughter and I have been up to Newgale today which was woNderful. He has just been offered a job in Haverfordwest so we are potentially moving from the midlands in the next few months. we havnt got as far as finding a hone as don't know where to move to it where is good and near the sea without costing lots (research currently being done)
I've got two children, a son of 6 and a daughter of 2. I adore them both! I'm a full time mum at home and hubby is a nurse.
I did work full time, with homeless and vulnerably housed and also as a carer.
I love crafty stuff, I sell beads (only small scale) I'm vegetarian and have some cats n rescue rats as pets. The kids are a bit bonkers but I think are excited about being near a beach (potentially)
I'm v nervous about school as my son has made amazing friends where he is. Its worrying me to move him!
We all love walks and exploring smile x

itsjustjayne Wed 26-Aug-15 14:04:23 in h'west...married with 2 kids girl aged 18 (looking fr an lsa job)+ a 16 yr old boy just starting in just put in for fostering...

Jkm67 Tue 22-Mar-16 21:03:56

Hi, my name is Julia and I am a maternity nurse and sleep consultant. If you have any queries regarding your baby or toddler please have a look at my website
Serenebaby I am hoping to help the countless Parents who do not know that my profession exist. Hope to hear from you soon

em2017 Sat 04-Feb-17 15:29:08

My husband and I have an 18 month little boy and we are thinking of moving to Wales, to the countryside! My husband's parent's recently built a house near Tenby, Pembrokeshire (and they were featured on Building The Dream!) and we love visiting. We want to get away from the pressures & costs of living in North London, Hertfordshire and build a better life. My husband hasn't been very well so we want to be somewhere calm and beautiful! We have already looked at some lovely houses with lots of land. I was just wondering if there are any mums still on here from Pembrokeshire? I would love to hear your advice on day nurseries, baby groups and fun things to do with children. It would be wonderful to make some new friends.

Looking forward to chatting with you!

Love Em x

LostInWales Thu 27-Apr-17 17:33:50

Hello, this is the first time I've noticed this thread <hangs head in shame>. I think I could challenge Jellykat to the person who lives furthest north in north pembs so I'm good for Fishguard and up really. It's a beautiful county and if you want calm and beautiful with lots of green then it's the place to come. As you will notice from this thread though it is sparsely populated!

You will be moving away from a place abundant in nurseries and baby groups to one where there isn't much choice but that's the swap you make. Jobs can be few and far between depending on what you do as well. As for fun things to do, get yourself a season pass to Folly Farm but also make sure you have lots of good wet weather gear and get outside, it's beautiful and beaches work every day of the year not just summer.

Where have you been looking?

Jellykat Fri 28-Apr-17 21:38:38

Lost InWales Now i'm dying to know where you are! smile, just to see which of us is the Northest .. I'm 10 mins south of Cardi, theres only one place Norther then me that i reckon would include another MNer grin

LostInWales Fri 28-Apr-17 23:27:35

I've PM'd you Jelly!

LostInWales Fri 28-Apr-17 23:28:49

Plus I bet you were right!

Debi79 Sat 29-Apr-17 11:56:04

Hi I'm in pembroke, I'm a mum of 3 I have a boy of 18 and two girls age 13 and 10. I'm from east London originally but moved here 15 years ago. I'm a single parent and have been for 10 years. I love days out with my kids. Dancing music and meeting people. I like walking my dog and swimming. Days at the beach are my favourite. I find it challenging tho to find things for my two girls do as my youngest is globally delayed and extremely small for her age. She is the most loving passive girl and this has caused her to be bullied by most kids. She would love to make new friends of any age as would I so hope one day any one in my situation or anybody who needs thier children to enjoy being around other children can one day meet up for some happy days

Takver Sat 29-Apr-17 17:48:19

Hello North Pembs people smile I'm north of Fishguard but not as north as you two I think Jelly & Lost.

LostInWales Sat 29-Apr-17 18:09:59

I think we might be heading your way tomorrow Takver, if I've got it right. Lots of people on two wheels invading.

Takver Sat 29-Apr-17 19:36:15

Exactly :-)

Jellykat Sat 29-Apr-17 19:53:07

PMed ya back Lost grin

Hi Debi , i've been a single parent for 28 years, plus my dads family are all from Bethnall Green and Stepney (although my one remaining reli in London lives in Wanstead now) I grew up in London too, so we have a bit in common.. Unfortunately my youngest is 19 so defo no good as a friend for your youngest, i feel for you and your Dd2, my DS2 was in a very similar position because of his dyspraxia , its absolutely heartbreaking sad

We should all meet up one day to eat cake or something.. grin

LostInWales Sat 29-Apr-17 21:06:09

I think Narbeth would be a good middle point for cake and some looking at nice things if we ever managed a meet up. Mainly because I like the shoe shop!

<checks her PM's and holds aloft the crown of 'Most northernist in Pembrokeshire' crown> grin.

Jellykat Sat 29-Apr-17 22:12:03

Oo yes, i love Narbeth, Ultracomida for Coffee. or the Organic cafe down the other end for yummy cheesecake!

You can do the shoe shop, while i drag my huge feet across the road to the shop that stocks Masai, Seasalt etc hoping for a reduced rail grin

Debi79 Sun 30-Apr-17 02:09:10

I was born in east ham then moved to Romford now I am in pembroke. My mum is still in essex and my older sister. My sisters boy has verbal dyspraxia and I think my girl has dyspraxia aswel. At the moment she is ment to start secondary school and she will be in a main stream class for most of her day even though she will not cope in a mainstream school unfortunately she will now have to be home schooled even though all her teachers have tried to get her support some How she doesn't qualify for help. I have one more meeting next week that will determine what will happen in September. I get so annoyed when I think what will happen to her if I let her go to secondary school she has no chance to cope there she hates loud busy places and she weights 20 kilos she can't even open a door let alone manage stairs and carry a bag I dread to think how and what it would be like. I wish I could meet other mums who are finding these problames I think you understand how little is know about dyspraxia and how much it affects our children. I do hope your daughters child is happy now. I pray and worry everyday about mine so I understand heartbreaking over the little children who just need more nurturing and I hope one day things will improve for them

Jellykat Sun 30-Apr-17 14:20:37

Debi Have you been in touch with SNAP Cymru? Have a google.. they helped me and DS2 so much, even came to meetings with us, we wouldn't have got through the education system without them!

LostInWales Sun 30-Apr-17 23:29:08

Spent the morning on Takver's home patch looking about nervously grin

Takver Mon 01-May-17 08:30:15


I only saw about a dozen cyclists - I think they must have started before I got up blush & then I was out & about most of the day.

LostInWales Mon 01-May-17 10:02:27

We were there for 8am, having a lie in today to make up for it.

Debi79 Mon 01-May-17 10:06:40

Hi yes iv been in touch with so many different groups and Suppoting independent groups. The ones I'm currently working with are parent partnership and Tatf. They seem to have helped me more in the last couple of months than anybody. They will be attending a meeting with me on Wednesday. I just get so angry when I know my girl isn't the only one in pembroke who is so vulnerable. I can hand on heart say she would be hurt physically and emotionally beyond repair. I have been lucky enough to have her class teacher who understands and advises me and always takes time to listen and understand her. He should be the main person that the other so called professionals listen to but they won't as its all down to money. Maybe the 42.4 million pound super school they are building should of at least concentrate on some of the vulnerabilities that our little children will face with out funding. I'm on the verge of going to the papers with the way the school is being built whilst the old school where the kids are still being educated is neater away. I have herd from kids how the work men are giving them cigarettes and chatting to them. I'm wondering how many of them have been checked as their are a lot of young and old labours on that site. I also worry about how they are going demolish the old school right next to where the new school is. My concern as to why I worry is serous. If you are interested by any chance I can pm u if you are to busy that's ok I know I have limited time and I'm also not the quickest at typing and my explanations are some times not the best lol

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