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lily1110 Sun 20-Oct-13 15:22:03


We have just had an offer accepted on a house in Woodlands Road (quite near the station) and I wondered if anyone had any thoughts on the area? My son is two and a half and we are non religious so would be hoping to get him into spring grove, does anyone know anything about it and how hard it will be to get a place? We are 0.3 miles away from the school. Also how do you find transport? I don't drive so an a bit worried about feeling cut off - we are currently in Kew but could never afford to buy here and also can find it all a bit smug - Isleworth / Brentford seem to have quite a leftish feel - is that right? Would love any info or tips!


divs59 Tue 30-Jun-15 10:16:52

Woodlands is a good area, near to train station and also bus station. just come out of woodlands road to st johns and you will a bus stop. For school spring grove is next to impossible as they only have 26 seats in primary and most of it (infact all) are taken up by siblings or people living next to the school. Although there are other schools like isleworth town primary, hounslo town primary, and few others, not as good ofsted as spring grove but okish. Ashton house is the option as well if you think of private.
My daughter got 3 this year and her name didnt appeared in any of the schools, they are over subscribed but people generally tell me that you will get a place somewhere near September via waiting list. so fingers cross, and we are in sussex avenue, just next to woodlands. So schools is a bit of problem but its everywhere to be honest. We used to live in ealing and it was same there.

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