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Kirkcaldy meet-up

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singingchipie Fri 04-Oct-13 08:52:58

Hi everyone, things have been a little bit quiet on the meet-ups front lately but now autumn is coming, we have a great excuse for meeting up for a hot cup of tea and a blether. Is anyone free next week for a meet-up? How about either Monday or Thursday morning at 10/10.30am in the Adam Smith Theatre cafe in Kirkcaldy? Let me know as soon as you can and I'll get it confirmed. Looking forward to seeing you all soon smile
p.s. There are a few mumsnetters who have posted on our local talk pages but don't seem to have joined our Kirkcaldy meet-ups page (though you may live in another area and have joined the local group there which is allowed!) If you click on the meet-ups tab and then click the Kirkcaldy group you will be sent a message every time we arrange a get together. It will be really nice to put faces to nicknames and see what sort of things our group would like to do over the next few months, whether we are a cuppa, cake and chat group or if people want to get out and about and explore the area, or both! Also, if you don't live in Kirkcaldy but would like to come along anyway, please do, the more the merrier smile
Firstly let me know if either morning next week suits and we'll make a start.

singingchipie Sun 06-Oct-13 16:31:45

Hi again, hope you all had a good weekend. It looks like it was too short notice for a meet up next week so how about arranging one for Friday 18 October instead? Unfortunately Thursday morning is no good for me now and Monday morning is tomorrow already (you can tell I went to school!) We will stick with the Adam Smith Theatre for now but I will check out the re-furbished Kirkcaldy Galleries across the road and see what it is like too. Let me know if Friday morning is any good for you smile

singingchipie Thu 17-Oct-13 07:39:04

Hello mumsnetters, hope you are enjoying the October holidays if you have got them, or having a good week if you've not smile
So far I've no takers on meeting up tomorrow and much as I enjoy my own company, it's more fun having a cuppa with other mums!
I think it is best to wait till we have a more active thread going again first for now and then I'll try to arrange another meet-up.
Hope to see you soon smile

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