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Grand Avenue Primary thoughts

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ConfusedmummyKT5 Tue 01-Oct-13 13:45:40

We recently moved to Surbiton and until now have kept our dd at her previous primary as it isn't too far away.
We have applied for a place for her at Grand Avenue primary and she has been offered a place!
Can anyone share their thoughts on Grand Avenue?
Also does anyone have any experience of how they deal with dyslexia at Grand Avenue as our dd has dyslexia and I need to know she will be well supported if we move her!
Thanks in advance

kingstoncherry Fri 04-Oct-13 21:32:26

Hello, thanks for posting.

We've shared your post on our Facebook page, hopefully somebody can help you soon:

Local Editor

NinjaChipmunk Sat 05-Oct-13 11:14:14

Sorry, can't help as ds goes to Lime Tree! Hope someone comes along soon for you. I have heard good things about Grand Avenue though!

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