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Lancaster and Area Chat Thread

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GinFirstQuestionsLater Tue 01-Oct-13 12:35:49

After discovering how many of us there are around here, I thought it would be good to get our very own chat thread. If there's enough interest, I may even set up a Lancaster local site.

Quick Bio - ex LGGS (the Pammie G Era) moved away, moved back, work at UoC.

I like cocktails and would like to meet people who also like cocktails and maybe would even like to meet up one evening and drink them! grin

RalphGnu Thu 03-Oct-13 12:10:57

Ooh, isn't it muggy today? Just spent a sticky half hour picking up DS in a wooly jumper and winter coat! Going to treat him to an ice cream and afternoon at the playground as I was a bit on the grumpy side this morning.

RalphGnu Thu 03-Oct-13 12:11:35

And as for meeting up for cocktails, that sounds great to me. smile

Szeli Thu 03-Oct-13 14:42:57

Hellooooo ex-LGGS and later QES late 90s / early noughties; just moved to Morecambe after 8 years away with my OH and baby.

Going for cocktails tomorrow at the new (to me) tiki bar above Reds, excited!

PetiteRaleuse Thu 03-Oct-13 15:07:43

You left LGGS for QES? envy I so wanted to do that.

Szeli Thu 03-Oct-13 15:47:12

It really wasn't that worth the travel - other than for the friends I met. You get rather ousted from the clique if yo don't stay on at Grammar I found

GinFirstQuestionsLater Thu 03-Oct-13 15:51:56

I'm wondering whether to lay a trap in Chat for other local MNers and get them over here. If for no other reason than I'd like to meet at least one who is younger than me! grin

LadyWadders Thu 03-Oct-13 16:29:26

Gin, how old are you?

Szeli Thu 03-Oct-13 18:44:43

You should, you should. I will keep an eye out

GinFirstQuestionsLater Thu 03-Oct-13 21:11:44

I'm 38.
That's 8 years more than I wish I was grin.

PetiteRaleuse Thu 03-Oct-13 21:25:14

Gin, do you know anything about Junior Drama?

LadyWadders Thu 03-Oct-13 21:26:30

grin so I am younger then wink

GinFirstQuestionsLater Thu 03-Oct-13 21:26:44

Yers, Thats what first years did lead by lovely 6th formers innit?

GinFirstQuestionsLater Thu 03-Oct-13 21:27:06

You're all bloody well younger that me.

Kids. Pah.

PetiteRaleuse Thu 03-Oct-13 21:27:54

Just wondering which play you worked on in your sixth form...

LadyWadders Thu 03-Oct-13 21:28:25

Yeah I am well down with the kidz innit... YOLO grin confused grin

GinFirstQuestionsLater Thu 03-Oct-13 21:53:21

Was I in L6 while you were an iccle first year?

Right. That's it. We need to get some older people on here because I refuse to be the oldest!!!!!

PetiteRaleuse Thu 03-Oct-13 22:02:00

I may have been in 2 nd year. I left in 98. After 7 looooooong years.

GinFirstQuestionsLater Thu 03-Oct-13 22:05:53

I left in 93, so yes you possibly missed me by a year.

I hated LGGS. When I got the invite to the centennial reunion a few years back I deleted the fucker!

PetiteRaleuse Thu 03-Oct-13 22:09:06

I didn't get an invite.

I started in 90-91

ErrolTheDragon Thu 03-Oct-13 22:27:51

Gin - as I am a mother of an LGGS girl, albeita current one, that makes me a lot older than you if that makes you feel any better...

Junior Drama was replaced last year by the 'Performing Arts Festival'... well, that was the idea of the new 'head of performing arts', everyone else still called it JD and the 'winter themed play' somehow turned out to be Peter Pan anyway.

Szeli Thu 03-Oct-13 22:44:44

I didn't get an invite either proud

GinFirstQuestionsLater Thu 03-Oct-13 22:47:41

I got the invite on an old email account. I think they just threw them out there to try and find people.

Winter arts festival! Things really have moved on, even if it is still really Junior Drama smile

Szeli Thu 03-Oct-13 22:55:29

I still have the email account we set up in ICT in first year...

On a more important note, where the heck should one go on a Lancaster night out? First time tomorrow since I moved back

SilentCrescendo Fri 04-Oct-13 08:25:46

Just in case anyone fancies it/it helps anyone the Lancaster meet-up page is here

GinFirstQuestionsLater Fri 04-Oct-13 12:42:41

Mint. You need to go to Mint. Its a little more pricey, but the drinks are amazing!

The Sun Inn is good as well.

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