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Cheltenham Ladies College??

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Cappuccinocalling Tue 01-Oct-13 07:53:26

Hi there. Can anyone offer any advice on CLC? We're moving back to the Uk after 15 years with 3 girls, eldest due to start secondary next year. We looked at CLC & were v impressed but would like to hear from current parents: is it a 'hotouse'? How do less academically gifted girls fare? Does it feel very much like a boarding school with a few day girls (we would choose day)? Is the international cohort a bonus or a drawback, eg friends always away for holidays? Our eldest is very academic, musical etc but number two less so, so far. Would love to have them in same school but suspect CLC would not be the right choice for both. Help please! Thanks

Caketester Mon 02-Dec-13 10:12:15

I'm in the same boat as you here, my dd would be a day pupil too and I think about 25% are day pupils.
I've been talking to a member of staff and found that there is a lot of pressure on the girls to do well from staff and the pupils families but it's not just for the extremely academic, it's for everyone. I never thought before about the others going away in the holidays. To be part of such a lovely school though, I think the benefits outweigh draw backs!
I would love to hear from other parents who's children go there.

maggie52 Sun 05-Jan-14 10:38:30

My daughter just started here in September and loves it. The pastoral care is excellent and she does not feel there is too much of a work overload. She is also a day girl and finds she benefits from this as she is allowed to stay over with boarders every so often and the school try to integrate them as much as they can. Day girls can do prep after school until 6 which comes in handy. The day houses have about 10-14 girls a year compared to boarders have 15-20. My daughter is very musical and the opportunities available are excellent. She is fairly academic and feels everyone is happy where they are. The school has sets for Maths, English and French in Lower College. The school tries to support less academic girls as much as they can for example, extra english lessons take place. Girls can ask the teacher to see them at a break to go over some topics. Their form tutors look out for them and see them every morning and lunch, on some Fridays they will have a long tutor period, sometimes used for mentoring (this happens once or twice a half term). The sport is phenomenal too, in Lower College, the girls have two, two hour sessions a week. When they get to year 9 (LC3), they have the choice of multi-sport route (allowing them to try all sorts of sports e.g. squash, cycling etc.) or games route (hockey,lacrosse,netball). Having lots of international girls does not really affect the girls, as many of them stay at the houses for exeats or go to friends/guardians. At the start of the year, girls will have a year group BBQ to allow girls to meet more girls and integrate even more. I am very impressed with the school. Hope this helps!

Caketester Sat 22-Feb-14 22:02:35

That does help, thank you so much. It sounds fantastic.

motherofour Tue 25-Mar-14 01:25:51

hi Cappuccinocalling or caketaster, my daughter is starting at CLC in Sept 2014 wondered if you had decided to send your daughter's there?

Facts2015 Sun 22-Feb-15 18:10:05

Hi motherofour how do you see the school. My daughter has been offered a place to start Sept 2015. She will be boarding as we don't live in Cheltenham. My questions- pastoral care, girls attitude, academic and the walk from school to their houses.

ABCAlice Thu 26-Feb-15 07:35:02

My girl also got an offer to start LC3 coming Sept. We are from overseas and would also like to know more about the integration between local and overseas students.

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