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Anybody out there??

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Allypally23 Sat 28-Sep-13 20:19:21

I have a son 2 1/2, I work mon, tues, wed and I'm really struggling finding parent and toddler groups at the end of the week. My son's shy with other children and it worrys me that he will struggle to socialise with children his own age if I dont get him interacting more. He's a fabulous little boy- yes im biased!
So if there anyone out there Help!! I would love to come to a group you know about or meet up. We go to tumble tots in acomb on a friday morning but thats all! You dont get to know other mums and children when trying to help your child balance on equipment!!
Gosh hope that all makes sense! Its my first time on mumsnet too!!
Hope you hear from you soon xx

MNeastyorkshire Sat 28-Sep-13 20:47:27

Hello allypally <waves cheerfully>. Welcome to MN, and welcome to MN Local! I'm not strictly speaking York-based at the moment (although I am looking after the York local site for now) but I'm sure that some lovely MNers who are will be along presently to help you out! I'll copy this across to Twitter and see who pops along.
Are you living in Acomb?
There is a kindermusik older toddlers group on a Thursday, and I believe that there is a Toddler Sensory session in Poppleton towards the end of the week. Hope that helps to get the ball rolling!

Allypally23 Sun 29-Sep-13 21:35:46

Yes,I live in acomb. If anyone wants to meet up that would be great.

Christinew1 Tue 14-Jan-14 21:39:46

Hi ally pally. I saw this and thought I'd say hello! I'm new to MN too and from next month will be living in York with my OH, 8 yr old and 23 month old twins, a bit younger than your little one but we will also be looking for any groups or meeting up at parks etc x

ScotlandtoYork Tue 11-Mar-14 12:55:07

Hello allypally and christinew! I, too am new on MN and moving to York within the next couple of months with a soon to be 2yr old and soon to be 4yr old. Curious about schools and mums and baby groups and would be keen to meet up with some other newbies or locals with little ones x

BexBee Tue 15-Apr-14 11:00:34

Hello All,

I've just moved up to York from Norfolk 6 weeks ago with my hubby, 4 yr old twins, & my oldest is in Uni (yes I know quite an age gap) it would be great to meet up with some lovely new folks. Are there any nice playgrounds near Heworth? I went to one but it was sadly covered in dog mess & rusty climbing frames.


Christinew1 Thu 08-May-14 18:01:40

Hi Bexbee!! Sorry for delay in reply!!

We moved up at the end of feb and are absolutley loving it. We live in Fulford so am not sure odf the parks in Heworth, but have you tried rowntree park? It is lovely, would prbably involve a car ride for you but there is a car park. On a nice day you could spend the whole day there.

ScotlandtoYork. My son is going to St Georges RC school and is very happy there, we also looked at Fishergate which I absolutley loved but it was full in y3 and St Aelreds which again seemed nice, altho fishergate and st georges were my favourite. The one good thing I know with fishergate and St Georges are there is quite a high turnaround of pupils due to army and university near by x

ScotlandtoYork Fri 16-May-14 18:11:38

Thanks Christinew for the school info smile we have moved to Huntington which seems quite nice. Looking at schools up this way but always keen for a middle ground meet-up if anyone is interested. smile

ScotlandtoYork Fri 16-May-14 18:16:36

Bex I have only been to one playpark in york so far, (just moved down last week) but its quite a fun one! In huntington by the orchard community centre.. but not if its been raining as it becomes a total swamp!
I have 4yr old boy and 2yr old girl if you wanna meet up sometime smile

Allypally23 Wed 04-Mar-15 21:46:45

I've just relooked at my orginal post!! Its been a while& ironically I have had another little boy and pretty much feel in same situation!! Would love to meet up with other mums who would like to have a chat over a cuppa!! Let me know x

Kareng78 Fri 08-Apr-16 23:51:54

Hi, I moved to York in December. I've got two year old twins. Although I've met some lovely mums, they are all from York and already have friends and established lives so I'm finding it hard to make deeper friendships. If you'd like to meet up sometime for a coffee and a chat that would be nice

NessaYork Sat 14-May-16 06:57:43

Hi everyone! There is a great little playgroup at St Edward's church on Tadcaster Road. Actually a lot of the churches around York have some kind of play group or mum's group and can be worth checking out (you don't generally have to be religious).
Kareng78 I know what you mean. I moved here 12 years ago and while I did feel like a bit of an extra to be around mums who've known each other since kindergarten, I have found that people are very caring and the friendships I made originally were very special. You might have to 'put yourself out there' a bit, invite other parents over for supper, or set up bowling / movie nights etc, but it is well worth it.
Some of the mums were real foodies so we had a Recipe Group; we met once a month and would take it in turns to host the group; the hostess would set a theme (eg make a dish that uses less than five ingredients / takes less than 30 minutes to prepare / is Thai / etc) and everyone would bring along their dish and recipe. It's now defunct and one of the girls has moved away but it was a great way to get to know some really lovely ladies (and enjoy some truly mind-blowing food).

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