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International Women

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SacreBlue Sun 15-Sep-13 17:30:36

Hi everyone,

one of the artists I have worked with has a group going which is for International women in Belfast and their friends. It's been going for a while with activities and meet-ups and they are screening a documentary on Culture Night in the UU on the 20th Sept with talks by women who have moved to NI from other places.

If anyone is interested in this group I am hoping that someone might be able to come along to the MN local meet up & give a bit more info but I can pass on their contact details in a pm if you prefer. I have left them details of mumsnet too obviously so that they can join & come to meets :D

They are really lovely & I know at one of the Belfast meets we had a number of people who had moved to NI from other places in the UK and beyond so it seems like a good fit to me.

Tee2072a Tue 17-Sep-13 11:50:18

Thanks for posting this Sacre.

I was a member of the group at one point but had no time so I dropped out. I'd love it if they came to a meet up!

SacreBlue Tue 17-Sep-13 20:41:53

They have a documentary film playing in the University of Ulster in York st this Friday night as part of Culture Night too :D I am working but hope to pop in afterwards. I think it starts at 6pm.

I will remind them of our next meet so they can let other members know too.

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