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Dorking primaries - any thoughts please?

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Offtosurrey Sat 14-Sep-13 22:40:40

We are moving to Dorking from SW London and I would really appreciate some thoughts about Dorking primaries please.
Our nearest schools are likely to be St Martins and St Paul's. I have read the reports and will be visiting both soon but there is nothing like parents' feedback. I know that St Martins had a bad Ofsted but it's difficult to put that in perspective from afar with no local knowledge.
We will be looking for a Y2 in-year application for DD and will be applying for a reception place for DS for 2014. I know both primaries are full so am unsure what will be offered for my DD.
We will also need 2 terms of nursery for DS so any feedback on the nurseries would also be great. He is loving his current nursery that is attached to DD school so moving will be a big change for him - and us all...!
Any thoughts or advice hugely appreciated - thank you! smile

kingstoncherry Sat 28-Sep-13 14:49:36

Hello, we've shared this post on our FB page, hopefully somebody local can help!

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