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Where to give birth......Victoria Kirkcaldy or Ninewells Dundee?

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poppyXsmile Fri 13-Sep-13 10:01:35

Hi ladies

Can anyone please give me their opinion where is best to have my baby? I live between Kirkcaldy and Dundee, so unsure where would be best? Ant help would be much appreciated!

Thanks x

littlewhitebag Fri 13-Sep-13 13:33:36

I don't know about ninewells but I am in and out of the children's ward at the Victoria a lot and it is lovely. The maternity unit is just next door. Only been in there once and it seems good. No idea about the level of care though. And the parking at the Victoria is atrocious. I suppose it might depend if you want your child to be born a fifer or not!

chesticles Thu 03-Oct-13 12:43:25

Appreciate that you've probably decided now, but I live in NE fife and I went to Ninewells. Mostly because it was closer to my work. It was fine. I wouldn't say amazing, but fine. I've heard that the revamped Victoria is lovely though. Parking is ok at ninewells but you do have to pay.
Overall I don't think there is much to choose between them. Though in our case DS was born with a birth defect and has continued to be treated at Ninewells, though if he had been born in Kirkcaldy he would probably have been treated in Dunfermline, or even Edinburgh which would make it more traveling hassle as he is seen every 6 months.

MummyofIsla Fri 01-Nov-13 21:37:48

I had my DD (now 16 months) at the Victoria and it was fabulous. The facilities are clean and well looked after and the staff are lovely. I can;t say I've heard great things about Ninewells and certainly don't like the hospital as a whole (lived in Dundee a while and have used it several times.)

poppyXsmile Sat 02-Nov-13 17:06:25

Thanks very much for your help ladies! We are moving house to near Kirkcaldy so looks like the Vic it will be.



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