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Eifos21 Thu 12-Sep-13 12:58:40


We are a young family, considering moving to Ware from North East London. We are looking for better schools, greenery and more space for our money.
Obviously it will be a big change from London but was wondering whether it is a nice place to raise a family? Is there a sense of community etc? Will we get bored? haha.
We will both be commuting into London everyday and am not too worried about not having as many entertainment opportunities at hand but also don't want to get isolated and bored at the weekends. Love the outdoors which is obviously a plussmile

Does anyone live in Ware who could tell me what it is really like?
We have looked at Hitchin and Bishop S but the travel is just too expensive for us so we are focusing on Ware first.

Thank you!

Mogz Fri 13-Sep-13 11:18:53

Hello there, I grew up in Ware and have great memories of all the green spaces. The Priory Park in the centre of town is great, it has a play park, some wooded areas for walking, a river with lots of friendly ducks, and is right next to the Lido and some tennis courts, it's where my brother and I learnt to ride our bikes.
I went to Tower School and I think my Mum was very happy with it, I then went to Presdales (all girls school), and my brother to Chauncy. Again great schooling choices.
You'll be really close to lots of good things to do, it's easy to get in to Hertford for a bit more shopping choice, the are great riverside walks, gorgeous villages to explore, and you're close to Paradise Wildlife Park in Beoxbourne. There are lots of swimming pools in the nearby towns, a healthy number of Scouting groups for the kids. Also lots of castles/houses/open farms/wildlife reserves within easy driving distance. There is a tiny museum in Ware which is worth a look.
There's a summer festival, Dickensian night, music festivals and all sorts going on all year round. Especially if you look out in the little villages too for fetes, classic car shows and film festivals.
It can be a very quiet town in itself until you have found the little hotspots like pubs and such that you feel you fit in to but I enjoyed living there as a kid and my brother liked it so much he has now moved back.

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