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Breakfast Club/ After School Club

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Reggy78 Tue 10-Sep-13 14:34:49


I am thinking about starting up a breakfast/after school club in the Beckenham area and was wonders if there is a real need before getting started!! Apparently surveys are un-reliable, so though some of you guys could giver fade me your opinion??

I have the premises which has two good sized halls in a newly refurbished building and also has the bonus of a massive garden!

I was thinking of opening at 7.30am and providing an optional hot breakfast as well as your usual cereal and toast, etc. The after school club would end at 6.30pm (with a proper cooked meal) to allow a little extra time for parent/carers to pick up. When I worked in London, I found it a real struggle to pick up by 6pm if trains were late etc and ended up being fined!!!

Would be very interested in your thoughts/suggestions/comments!!!

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