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Living in London and thinking of moving back

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MMJ2013 Thu 17-Oct-13 14:53:04

Its scary but worth doing.

Caro500 Mon 09-Sep-13 22:01:22

Me an dh lived in London 13 years and moved back to Cheshire when eldest DS was 2, he's now 11 and it was the best decision ever. Fab 3 bed house, big garden, all schools fab, great sports, football, parks and people. I do still love London and like to get back at least 2-3 times a year for my London fix!

Work wise no issues, I do market research and dh jobs takes him all over and he uses Skype a lot.

Do it, it's brilliant and you can get an ES Magazine app which i read religiously every week!

swings3031 Mon 09-Sep-13 21:52:56

Hi everyone, I have been driving myself insane with indecision! We live in London and have also been trying so hard to get on the property ladder for years and it is a completely impossible dream for us here. We are both fairly happy to agree that he stays because the pay rates are much greater and I move with the kids to somewhere more affordable and with a better lifestyle for the children i.e. not a 2 and 3 year waiting list for swimming lessons at the local leisure centre and school pools! I have family in Northern Ireland and have lived in London now for about 13 years. Every year I go to visit with the children and think of all the things that would be better for them if I moved back. I am worried though, I am currently doing a Graphic Design degree (before my youngest starts primary school) and have a background in software testing and project co-ordination. Would I get a job eventually? I am older too, 40. The other option is to travel further north to Cambridgeshire or Suffolk, but I don't feel the same about this option obviously, though it would be easier for their Dad to come home a few times a month (again houses more expensive). But we could afford a decent house in NI. As you can see I have been continually going round in circles and getting nowhere fast sad

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