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Pilgrim's Way

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Onecat1 Fri 16-Aug-13 15:01:07

We are local but have just moved from one side of town to the other. My son is still a little way off school (he is 2) but we have moved into the Pilgrim's way catchment. When we looked at houses I wasn't put off by this as I have heard the school is now out of special measures and improving. Plus, I believe it is good for children to learn to communicate with people from different situations and learn tolerance, empathy and a better understanding of wider society. With our support at home i wasn't too worried about the academic side either - perhaps a little naive. This is our first child and we have no experience of schooling yet. Since we moved I often meet people who are negative about the school and raise bullying as their main concern. It is beginning to bother and worry me, making me question my original opinions. We don't have a plan B, I don't expect we would get a place at a different local school being out of catchment. All the discussions about the school on mumsnet are quite old and I would love to hear from current parents or other local people who can comment, either good or bad so I can get a better picture of how the school is doing. The recent OFSTED seemed encouraging.
Many thanks

cottagepiemaker Thu 22-Aug-13 17:11:34

Onecat1 - there are a lot of n'sayers around - you need to go by your on gut instinct of the school, the teachers and the head, Elaine is a passionate and fun loving head who has the children's best outcomes at heart. It takes time to effect a curtural change within a school that has had probelms - they are not able to just sack bad staff!! . My children are now both out the other end but when we were looking at Secondary schools in Farnham I was concerned about Weydon which had a lot of people telling us it was a poor school (we had moved into area when children were young) and there was no way we should let you children go there. At the time we looked and compared but thought it was on the right track and look at it now...... Not saying Pilgrims way will win national awards (I don't know enough about it) but it is heading in the right direction and by they time your youngster registers it may be another outstanding school. /emo/te/1.gif

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