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Southside primary schools

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sweetooth01 Thu 08-Aug-13 22:29:56

Hi! We have just moved from London and living in Pollokshields. Looking to move to either Giffnock or Newlands. Anyone have any info about Giffnock primary schools ir Merrylee or Langside? Have a 3 and a half ur old due to start school next aug. thanks!

carovioletfizz Fri 09-Aug-13 10:32:22

Not a southsider Sweetooth, but hopefully someone will come along soon who is! Caroline

MintChocAddict Mon 12-Aug-13 22:39:32

Hi sweetooth01
Giffnock and Newlands are in two different council areas.
Giffnock is East Renfrewshire Council and catchment schools would be Giffnock Primary, Braidbar or OLM primaries depending on where in Giffnock and also whether you plan to educate in Catholic or non-denom sector.
Newlands is part of Glasgow City Council and catchment schools are Tinto and possibly Merrylee? Langside I think would be a placing request as in Shawlands. Catholic primary for Newlands would be St. Convills I think or maybe OLofAnnunciation, depending what end you're at although not 100% about that one.
Think all these primary schools are fine from heresay, although only have direct experience of one of them. Worth bearing in mind that East Renfrewshire secondary schools typically perform at a higher level academically than Glasgow City secondary schools if you're thinking even further ahead, and if that side of things is important to you. Good luck with whatever you decide. smile

sweetooth01 Tue 13-Aug-13 22:40:31

Thanks for all that info MintChocAddict. smile

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