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11+ record entries?

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tricot39 Thu 01-Aug-13 20:30:04


I live in the catchment for the Redbridge 11+ although not in RB itself. I was wondering if anyone had information to share about the record numbers of applications for this year's (ie 2014 entry) 11+?

I understand that normal years have several hundred applicants but that this year that total is into the thousands. Is this correct?

So my main questions are -
1) If the area is effectively to run as a superselective grammar system, are local people planning to send their kids to the local comps? Or are they making other plans?
2) Does anyone know if this will mean that the catchment area is reduced to only cover Redbridge addresses in future years?
3) Any idea if this is a blip year? Or likely to be the start of a trend?

I know that these questions are almost impossible to answer, but I am very interested! We have always discounted Redbridge as a place to move to because of the 11+ system. BUT if it is a superselective area and local kids are sent to the local comps then it becomes a whole lot more appealing to us......

Any thoughts or information gratefully received.....

(Might also post in education as it is a busier thread)

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