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aliny Mon 29-Jul-13 10:33:44

Hi, my DH has a new job north of Doncaster. Can anyone help with towns/villages up to a 30 min commute of this area? Also advice on good schools my DS is 12 and currently at a small High School in Scotland.

We do not know the area at all and any advice/help would be great.

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Mumof3wifeof1 Wed 21-Aug-13 16:11:31

Hi D o you want town or rural??
Good secondary schools are Hayfield and Mcauley but you would need to be in Auckley/ finningly/ Cantley and Bessacarr area for those and places are sought after. They are quite nice areas to live as well.

yasmin9999 Wed 15-Jan-14 22:01:47

could you help me to choose a primary school for my daughters( 5&7yrs)in doncaster pls

Verona1973 Wed 16-Apr-14 21:15:34

Hello, new on here. I'm currently looking at a new housing development in Auckley. My wife is from Doncaster but hasn't lived there for nearly 20 years. What is Auckley like these days? We have made several visits and it looks nice. We currently live in Millhouses, Sheffield and are looking for an equally nice area in Doncaster but obviously at the right price for us.

doncasterhopeful Sun 18-May-14 21:33:21

Need to move to an area where we can afford a to buy house. Any ideas? V low budget of 50,000 total n need to be mortgage free. Also dd yrs 10 n 8 at school. Helping!

crystal85 Wed 28-Jan-15 13:04:00

Hi doncasterhopeful did you manage to get sorted? I'm just outside Doncaster and half an hour in Worksop x

Kimjeshe1983 Mon 27-Jul-15 08:21:49

Hi I'm thinking of starting a book club in Hatfield on a Monday evening, is this something anyone would be interested in?smile

Blodwen2017 Mon 17-Oct-16 21:36:15

Hello! I haven't found any replies to similar requests for help, so I hope I can be the lucky one.
We are relocating from Herefordshire to the East of Sheffield. My husband's new place of work is in Dinnington. We don't know the area, although my husband has been doing some driving around in the evenings to try and suss out nice places to bring our daughters up. We are looking to move with our 2 daughters, ages 4 and 10, to a small town/community within a 30 minute drive. The girls both enjoy ballet and swimming so an area with good schools and these sorts of activities would be ideal. So far we thought we were managing to narrow our search down to Bawtry, Tickhill, Everton. But we've also been looking at Wickersely, Misterton, and also nearer to work, Harthill and Wales.
Does anyone have any other suggestions? Do these places sound like we're looking in the right places? Are there any areas within the above that we should avoid?
We are looking for 4+ bedroom detached houses and preferably countryside within walking distance.
Many thanks indeed, in anticipation...

Ferryboat2 Tue 18-Oct-16 08:26:57

Hi Blodwen

Bawtry and Tickhill are lovely, good bus links and activities for children, close to the A1 but the area is expensive.
They have just built a new housing estate at Harworth which is near Bawtry and Tickhill. Plus there is a Asda and a Aldi (I think) but this area isn't as nice as Bawtry and Tickhill. So house prices a lot cheap.

Misterton you get more for you money and there is lovely walks and a nice cafe but i prefer Gringley on the Hill lovely village.

Then there is the Isle of Axholme next to the M180 Belton & Epworth excellent secondary schools don't know the primary schools. Again activities on for children. Near country side, days out etc.

Blodwen2017 Tue 18-Oct-16 17:57:19

Thanks so much Ferryboat2. I've had a quick look at Belton and Epworth and they look really nice too, and I think we'd get more for our money in one of those villages than in Bawtry or Tickhill. As you say, the schools look very good too.
Would you say people up where you are tend to stay in their villages day-to-day or is it common to pop to another village for classes, activities etc? Living on the outskirts of Hereford I suppose I feel that everything is in one place, even though spread out, but when you have lots of little villages not far from one another I imagine its more normal to jump in the car and go to another village for activities?
Also, I work freelance, from home so I'm thinking I'd need somewhere with a community spirit so I'm not billy no-mates and going mad when the children are at school. Would you say these villages would have a sense of community?
Sorry, lots of questions. the internet is great, but you can only really find things out by asking real people. Thank you!

MumOnTheRunCatchingUp Tue 18-Oct-16 20:23:06

Bit further out and Blyth is lovely

Avoid bircotes/Harworth imo!

Blodwen2017 Tue 18-Oct-16 22:02:20

Thanks MumOnTheRun. I was just browsing Harworth, and thinking the properties seemed v reasonable, so there must be a reason for that...
Husband has said that Belton and Epworth are too far from Dinnington unfortunately. He doesn't want a commute further than an easy 20-30 mins from Dinnington. I'm trying to narrow down our search, but really we could go in any direction! Harthill? Todwick? Ulley?

user1471538980 Fri 16-Dec-16 19:39:28

Wickersley is really nice and 15 mins top to Dinnington and there is never any traffic.
Schools are really good as well and the senior school is considered the best in Rotherham.
Walking distance to green fields but has restaurants and bars close by as well.

Blodwen2017 Fri 16-Dec-16 21:40:00

We've just bought in Carlton-in-Lindrick! Thank you!

XGem1991 Sun 17-Dec-17 16:20:20

Hi can anyone tell me what the village bircotes is like ? Honest opinions please. We live in portsmouth atm but we are planning to move to bircotes. I'm not to sure about the area only visited twice to me its to quiet and not much to do but my partner loves that its quieter then where we are atm.

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