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Battersea Baby Jumble Nearly New Sale - Sat 7th Sept

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BabyJumble Sat 27-Jul-13 10:45:30

Come and sell your baby & children clothes, toys and equipment and make some quick cash for Autumn.

And as well as feeling good about recycling your stuff to new families, we are also providing an optional 'leave behind' service on the day, where any items not sold will be donated to Wandsworth Oasis - so you don't have to take them back home to clog up those cupboards!

There are still a couple of early bird tables available at just £20. We're expecting them to be gone by Monday.

Carrotbaby Tue 30-Jul-13 17:30:59


Trying to get myself organised but feeling the most unorganised ever! I'm a mum-to-be and therefore I have not been to one of these events before. I wondered if anyone could tell me if they are worth attending? What sort of things can I pick up there. I'm trying to be thrifty without being cheap, but I'm aware that babies grow so fast that it seems points spending loads of money on clothes etc that won't last very long. Any top tips generally on items to look out for on the day that to someone who is quite green to motherhood wouldn't know. Also wondered if these were quite social events as well as it would be good to meet a few local mums-to-be.


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