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New to Dunblane- with teenager

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Scaifee Tue 25-Jun-13 22:02:12

All, single mum renting house on Newton Crescent from July 2013. Have teenage daughter age 13, lots of people have posted who have primary age children but wondered if any of you can suggest what the town is like to live in with older children. She will be starting at Dunblane High in August 2013. So any thoughts welcome.

Jukester Thu 11-Jul-13 20:09:55

Hi Scaifee
Pinkje started an interesting thread here which might be of interest

pinkje Mon 22-Jul-13 15:54:27

Hi there. I posted a long reply yesterday then it disappeared ( poor wifi in the garden I suspect).

Anyway hope you're settling in well, if indeed you have moved.

Active Stirling do a load of summer activities and I'm sure there is at least one at Dunblane High (sports) your daughter might like. She's maybe a bit old though? Stirling Uni also have a good summer programme.

If she likes tennis check out the local club, they run some lessons too and have a social night for ages 5-10 and then 11+ on a Saturday night. You have to be a member. Runs summer months only.

Also on a Saturday there is a youth club at the dunblane centre. It is for secondary school kids (is she S1 or S2?). My kids weren't keen though.

There is also a Air Force Cadets for ages 13+. It is mixed. A least one guide group too if she likes that.

As for other things to do, the main thing is taking a train to Stirling with mates to hang out at the shops, cinema or nando's.

Newton crescent is a lovely quiet part of Dunblane. Plenty neighbours to ask too I'm sure. If you want some other contacts I know a few people with girls going into S1 or S3 (can't think of any going into s2 actually, I have a boy going into S2 who knows NO girls!)

Good luck with things, it is a lovely town and obviously enjoying the attention following Andy Murray's win, as opposed to the terrible events of 17 years ago.

Scaifee Wed 14-Aug-13 14:41:12

Thank you - finally landed here and settling in. School starting next week. Found Drama Group at Stirling Uni and will join her in that if she is interested. School starting on 20th and after that will concentrate on me. what is there to do for us single mums here, although my being single is finewith me.
Sorry for late reply - didnt realise anyone had reponded until i finally got internet access at home.

pinkje Tue 27-Aug-13 13:41:21

Hi there. Hope your daughter is enjoying school and has made friends.

For you I suppose it depends on what you like doing. There's plenty of people around dog walking or cycling or playing tennis. Is itvstuff to do in the evenings? The library has quite a good noticeboard. There's a folk club on a sunday if you like that kind of thing.

Or, like the teenagers, go into Stirling where there'll be more to do.

If you're interested in netball there's a good class at Wallace High School in bridge of allan on wednesdays at 8. Both you and your daughter could go.

The Dunblane Centre runs lots of fitness classes. The Peak in Stirling has even more plus a swimming pool.

I'm sure now you have internet access you'll have found all this out for yourself - good luck. If you're free during the day and fancy a coffee sometime, PM me and we could meet up. There are a couple of nice places.

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