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Moving to Burgess Hill - any tips on family friendly areas?

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jocelyn4 Sun 16-Jun-13 21:08:21


Me, DH and DS (almost one) are looking to move to Burgess Hill area.

Please can anyone advise on which areas are particularly family friendly? I'm thinking good schools, play parks, indoor play places, etc... Basically near enough the station for my husband and stuff to do for me and DS!

We need a 2 bed house but 3 bed would be better - our budget is under £250,000 (the closer to £200,000 the better). We need to be within about a mile to Burgess Hill or Wivelsfield.

Thanks in advance - it's so hard to know where to look without any help!

dizzydeb Wed 19-Jun-13 11:00:17

Hi -I came on here looking for answers to a similar question and thought I'd post a reply!

We've just offered on a house near Wivelsfield as my DH commutes to London, and have 2 DD (10 and 5) who would be moving into local primary schools

It's the biggest move we've ever made as we're relocating from Surrey so I'm keen to read any further answers that are posted on here about the general area. So far we've found McDonalds, Tesco and the Triangle swimming pool but would love to know more :-)

Happy house hunting anyway smile

Umicar Thu 11-Jul-13 18:32:50

Bit of a late answer, sorry! There are two train stations BH and Wivelsfield. Both direct line to London/Brighton. Almost anywhere would be less than a mile to one of them! The Triangle is the leisure centre, ST Johns is the main park, but there are several others too. Lots of Junior schools (with different reputations locally).

It's not a wildly exciting place but personally I think it is a nice town. If you want anymore local info please feel free to pm me.

mom1976 Tue 29-Aug-17 14:08:49

What are the good schools in Burgess hill for Primary and then eventually secondary? Thanks!

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