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Any single parents in Co. Antrim/Belfast areas?

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Cookiesmum2 Wed 12-Jun-13 18:04:54

Hi there everyone, I've decided to re-post this notice on the main board.

I have recently launched a new social group for single parents, from any background, to meet up and provide support and activities, with and without our kids. Although the Group is aimed at single parents from Co. Antrim, anyone from Northern Ireland is more than welcome to join as we hope to arrange events and outings all over this beautiful land!

I have noticed from the response from another site, that a lot of folks view the notice but the responses are few. It seems that some people maybe shy, embarrassed or nervous about joining a group such as this but I want to reassure everyone that there is nothing to be worried about. We could all do with making a new friend, giving or receiving a helping hand, supportive shoulder to cry on and our kids can have so much fun playing together and meeting other similar families. Please take a look at the link above and forward on to anyone else who might benefit from joining this exciting new group.

Happy Parenting.

SacreBlue Mon 17-Jun-13 19:25:06

Great idea, cookie not been much about since Gingerbread stopped the fundraising of local groups under it's charity number. Even with advice on charity status and fundraising many just dissolved.

I still have the books and info on that if you were interested in constituting but if wanting to keep it more informal I am in Belfast and would be interested smile

Cookiesmum2 Wed 19-Jun-13 14:52:24

Hi SacreBlue, so nice to finally get some positive feedback on here smile I was wondering why the Gingerbread website is so sparse for Northern Ireland so that explains!

I am interested in the books yes, but for this group I wanted to keep it more informal. I'm just finding it difficult to cut through the culture of "not being outed" which seems to be the case here in NI. There are similar single parent groups that are really successful in Dublin, London and other big cities, and there are times that I really feel like giving up but I will keep on pushing on in the hope that we can create something positive for us and for our kids.

SacreBlue Wed 19-Jun-13 18:38:05

I am not sure which website you mean as Gingerbread NI have not run any formal groups in years and Gingerbread (uk) is a completely different organisation. Gingerbread NI groups were very successful here so it is possible.

Lots of LP I know here are so focused on the whole work issue that many don't have time/energy to join groups, or they want to stick to the friends they have already (again new friendships require more effort than maintaining existing ones and have a risk attached) or they simply prefer to be defined by their interests rather than familial status.

The main thing is to provide something within the group that is not available outside of it rather than replicating imo, people need to see the added value to making the time and energy to meet a group of strangers. Lots of work needed on the group dynamics too because they can be a minefield - especially in NI where the likelihood is people may have connections outside the group that can influence what happens inside it.

All that said, when I was in a GBNI group, I did enjoy it, learnt a lot from it and, tho I didn't keep in touch with the members when we decided to fold it rather than constitute, I would consider it to be a very positive time so it would be great for others to be able to have access to a similar support/friendship group.

My work is quiet in the summer mornings so if you fancy meeting up and exchanging ideas give me a buzz

Cookiesmum2 Wed 19-Jun-13 23:03:19

thanks SacreBlue you have given me a lot of food for thought here... will deff take you up on your offer and contact you within the next few days as I would really like to meet with you and exchange ideas as I think you have a lot of sound advice to give. Speak soon.

SacreBlue Fri 28-Jun-13 10:15:27

Hi cookies are you coming to the next meet? Chance to have a chat and canvas opinions from other parents - not necessarily sp but they may have cracking ideas to add

I haven't had a chance to see if I have still got the relevant notes, I know I have at least two of the books floating around, will look them out over the next week and maybe see you next Friday?

Cookiesmum2 Tue 02-Jul-13 12:39:59

Hi SacreBlue, sorry didn't realise there was a response on here I do wish Mumsnet would send an email but nevermind. There is a meetup, where, when? I will have a quick look at other threads and let you know I would love to attend and if its ths coming Friday then I'm free!

Cookiesmum2 Tue 02-Jul-13 12:46:30

I'm coming along. Just sent my "yes" through so will see you all on Friday morning. Thanks for letting me know.

Tee2072a Wed 10-Jul-13 12:18:35

I'm testing something...

hopeonhorizon Sat 22-Feb-14 18:52:42

I would be keen to join up :-)

Bwesthead Sun 02-Aug-15 23:27:15

I would be keen!

smickers Thu 26-Nov-15 14:04:36

I'm interested. Live in Ballyhackamore and would love to meet some single parents in the area. Just for a cuppa occasionally smile

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