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Childcare/Nursery confusion

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sracox Mon 20-May-13 18:00:22

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some help regarding childcare in the Carlton area of Nottingham. I will be starting university in September and i am currently trying to find a nursery or childminder for my (currently) 19 month old son, approx 15 hours a week - payed for by the childcare grant.

The problem is i can't seem to find any locally that have a good Ofsted report (most are scoring a mixture of 2s and 3s). I do have my reservations about childminders. So the part i need help with is any experience you have had with the above, as experience speaks volumes when compared to a report.

I'm not interested in hearing horror stories about your aunt's bestfriend's sister. If you think anywhere is to be avoided then please only state out of your own personal experience, the same for positive experiences really.

Do you know of any places that have a good reputation? Even if it may be a little outside of Carlton.

Thank you in advance

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