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Nanny/childminder wanted in Tedd

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dilys4trevor Mon 20-May-13 06:35:22

My son starts at SMSP in Ted in September, and my 2.5 year old is at Treetops. From September I will need to have someone to drop them off and pick them up Mon-Thur (I have Friday off), and to make things easier I will probably ask that person to get my second one from Treetops (across the road from SMSP) at the same time as the elder. We currently live in Ted but will be on Hampton Hill/Ted borders from Sept (hence it being easier to just pick them both up). I may need a driver given where we will be (in bad weather or what have you - we have a car).

I realise from this that a part time nanny is probably a better option than a CM, but I am willing to look at everything, if such a CM existed who happened to be interested. Happy for my kids will be in a CM's home where I will need to pick them up, as well as options which mean a nanny being in our home. I guess I would rather the latter to give me the flexibility of being able to work late. I would consider having the 2.5 year old at home most of the time to make a proper nanny worthwhile, as he will get his council free hours from when he turns 3.

My DC are two boys. The elder is shy around adults but can get naughty when he and his brother are together as they are high spirited as a pair. However, nursery tell me both behave very well (especially the elder).

Let me know if anyone is, or knows anyone who might be, interested!

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