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MK want to hear what you have to say - Childcare issues!

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cupcakekid Sat 18-May-13 10:07:05

Calling all Mumsnetters that want their voice heard.......

Andrew Pakes (Labour & Co-Operative Parlimentary Candidate for Milton Keynes South) wants to hear what you have to say!! One of the big issues that keeps coming up again and again is childcare costs and as MK is a young and growing city it is only ever going to become more important to us. Of course there are national issues which we can't change but we can shape our local issues; how do we ensure that MK is as parent/child friendly as possible? What are the priorities for childcare? How can government, council, others agencies help to make it easier?

Andrew and another councillor would like to work with Mumsnet Local to hear from parents about their experiences and ideas. He'd like to understand what our concerns, priorities, impact on family life and pressures are as parents in MK. We can be as vocal as we want (hoorraayyy!) as they just want to listen to what we have to say and in return he'll ensure that our experiences are plugged into MK Council through councillors to hear our voice.

This is a chance for us to have our say to the people who matter and hopefully have an input in how childcare in MK is shaped for the future. There will be no politics, just an open forum for them to listen and learn. If it is popular or if people really want to help to shape the future in MK Andrew is looking at having a 'childcare forum' that meets once a month.

So who's up for it? What dates would suit people - during half term or after? Please let me know if you are interested in coming and we can set a date.

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