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Commuting from Wimbledon Chase

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Newdee Wed 15-May-13 06:49:15


Am looking for some help to solve my commuting dilemma !!

We are looking to rent and move homes - DD will start reception in Sep and her school is near Wimbledon Hill road.

I have seen this property near Wimbledon Chase station that I like. The trouble is, I hear the bus journey (163/164) from Chase to Wimbledon station can be quite slow in the peak hours and can take 20-25 minutes in the bus (am not even sure how crowded the buses get). The distance is > 1 mile - so walking is not an option and I don't drive

Do any of you do this commute ? I heard there is "one" national rail train at 7.54 am that can get quickly to Wimbledon, but again am not sure of the reliability (or) how packed it will be.

Any advice much appreciated.


TheHouseofMirth Fri 17-May-13 19:10:04

Which street is house in? Are you merely talking about getting yourself to the station for work or also getting your DD to school on the way?

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