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Nurseries in Kew/Mortlake

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SleepToDream Sun 12-May-13 20:08:40

Hi, I am looking for a nursery for my daughter for when she turns 12 months in November in the Kew/Mortlake area. I know the best thing to do us visit places (which I will be!) but I'm struggling to find any recent reviews of places online.
Also, how much emphasis would/did you place on Ofsted reports? One option is the Kew Asquith Day Nursery but their latest report is Satisfactory and most others are a couple of years old now.
I'd be grateful for any reviews of places in the area.

FormanorderlyKew Mon 13-May-13 00:15:52

We loved Montys in Kew - it's been a couple of years since our kids were there, but we still keep in touch with the staff and it always felt very small and friendly. I think it had a good Ofsted, but TBH I went on my gut feel much more - I wasn't so worried about the place being shiny & new, more that the kids were happy and loved. There's a new kids unlimited nursery near Sainsburys too I think, but haven't had any experience of that. Good luck!

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