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Locations for a new party venue?

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Lookingtothestars Wed 08-May-13 23:44:31

Can I pick your brains please?! We already run a 'play' cafe in Redland (mentioning no names!) that is closed at the weekends for childrens parties. We are looking to expand into other areas of Bristol (or even possibly Bath) but mainly focussing on parties. Do you have any suggestions for locations? Would you book a local cafe for your childs party if it offered a very exclusive, personal service. Would you consider having a midweek party if it heavily discounted from the weekend rate? We would still like to keep it small and high street, so no warehousey units. We having been getting quite a few bookings from the Brislington/Knowle area lately, any thoughts? Many thanks in advance! X

Jeminbris Mon 20-May-13 09:15:34

Have you looked at Paintworks? That's between the areas you mention and has lots of flexible spaces...

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