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Argh schools

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Noodles81 Fri 03-May-13 14:33:43

Hi all,

We are up and leaving a somewhat dreary and boring Buckinghamshire and heading south to either Briton, Hove or nearby. My FIL lives in Peacehaven and we have always craved the coast life.

I desperately need your help. We have a 14 month old boy who we would like to go to preschool down there so are planning to move within the next 2 years. Here's the thing. I have not s lot of idea about the good and dire parts to live and no clue at all about the good schools. I do know that I would like to enrol LO into the Montessori there and having spoken to them have said they accept the government free hours. After that though I have no idea of a good primary school.

It's a whole different world to me, whereas before I would look for a nice area to live I ow have to look at catchment area and postcodes and nice areas. We are hoping to rent for the first year with a view to buy after that once we know areas better.
We are paying 895 here for a 2 bed, garden, drive and garage and am told Hove is very expensive is this right? Is there anything semi affordable there?

Any advice on where on earth I begin??!

Kcubs1 Tue 07-May-13 07:12:54

Hi there - well firstly I think you need to decide where you want to live - Brighton or Hove as there are many good schools!

I live in hove and West Hove, Goldstone and ST Andrews are all great. I think West Hove and ST A's have outstanding ofsted ratings and the catchments are very small so you need to be careful to live pretty close.

DS will go to west hove and I think the catchment last year was about 800m. In terms of rent we paid 1.1k for a spacious 2 bed garden flat, I think for a house you would probably be looking at about 1.5k for a 3 bed but check on rightmove.

Hope that helps good luck!

Kcubs1 Tue 07-May-13 07:19:39

Also check out this link its really useful - it lists all the schools and how many places were allocated against the applications and the catchment distances so you can get an idea of how close you need to live.

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