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Issues with nursery - am I overreacting?

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WannabeHippy Fri 03-May-13 00:03:26

Hi, am new to this site. DD is 14 months, and in her 3rd week at nursery part time. In that time, she has come home with a bottom that's not thoroughly cleaned 3 times - I really don't feel this is being viewed as seriously as it should be by the nursery, I shouldn't have to complain once let alone 3 times!

We use cloth nappies, which they claim to be supportive of, but many of the staff's body language / facial expressions tells a different story (one rolled her eyes when we arrived for a settling in session and I mentioned she may need a change). We also followed baby led weaning, which I explained, filled out forms where I made it clear she self feeds entirely, then found out by accident one morning they'd been spoon feeding. vice principal was understanding about it, said would observe, but then never fed back to me, and is generally poor in this regard, took two days to respond re the first poor cleaning incident).

Part of the reason we chose the nursery was it's much vaunted organic cafe - having seen that none of the breakfast items, including milk, are organic, I highly doubt that much of the produce is, and feel a bit misled.

What I'm wondering is, am I right to be upset about these things? Are there childcare options in Kingston that are more suitable, that won't "try to wean" my child off her comforter without my consent etc etc, and how disruptive would it be to move DD elsewhere? I'm at a loss to know what to do next, thoughts welcomed. Sorry for the essay. Reaches for wine

kingstoncherry Sat 04-May-13 17:59:39

WannabeHippy, that sounds awful and certainly not the care my DD received from 14 months.

I am not allowed to endorse a specific nursery (being the Local Editor!) but there are certainly much better ones around. What is their OFSTED rating?

In fact, if you search through threads, I'm sure there was a discussion around KT nurseries at the beginning of the year.

Don't despair, look to move her.

Whereabouts do you live, to help locals discuss suitable options near you.

How miserable for you sad

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