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ikoles Thu 02-May-13 16:14:22

First of all I am sorry for my English, which iss not my native language. My husband is English, and I'm Russian from Moscow. We live in London , but decided to move somewhere to countryside. It is hard decision. We both spend most of our live in the city, but believe that life willl be more full inside friendly community. Husbands family moved f to Australia, I do not have anybody. We have son who will be 9 soon. We were looking in different parts of the UK, but Kent is attractive because ofbeautiful Centerbury, and close to London. Please, maybe somebody knows the area inbetween Dover and Canterbury, maybe knows more about village life and Shepherdswell? Thank you very much in advance.

AddictedToPropertyApps Tue 14-May-13 21:07:26

The villages there are lovely but you might find they are too far from London as the public transport isn't great. It might be better to look between Canterbury and Ashford (not Ashford itself) such as Wye/Chartham/Chilham or maybe further north on the coast such Sandwich ? Or maybe near Canterbury -Ash/Woodnesborough/Wingham/Ickham are lovely villages but transport links not as great.

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