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Boden Party

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Streathammumof2 Thu 02-May-13 15:40:06

Good Afternoon smile

I'm looking to host a Boden party on the 25th & 26th May, with Women and Mens ranges from Boden, Mini Boden and Johnnie B. This will be held at my house on Sunnyhill Road. All display clothes will have 30% off and is a fantastic chance to see and try on items. Everything will be hung up on rails. If you bring along a new customer you will recieve £25 of credit to your account. I believe there may be some freebies also smile

Just want to get a general interest. I will have an open house Saturday and Sunday at certain times to be confirmed. There will be refreshements and toys for the little ones.



BrixtonMortar Tue 21-May-13 12:31:24

I'd love to come to this, but sadly cannot sad

I hope it goes well. Do you know of any others in the area? I went to one at a church hall and it was good to be able to try stuff on.

Brave you, having it in your house!

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