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10 inspiring and easy ideas for giving to your local community – what could you do?

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Tee2072a Thu 02-May-13 10:28:41

Mumsnet has got a brand new topic for volunteering and charitable giving, but we'd also like get some action started locally.

We're frequently blown away by the ingenuity and generosity of Mumsnetters when it comes to helping each other out; from challenging each other to fundraising runs, to prodding others to give blood/sign the bone-marrow donation register, to knitting/crocheting for MN's very own Woolly Hugs.

So here are ten ideas to inspire you to do something positive to make a difference in your local area (you'll see it doesn't have to be a massive drain on your time or resources).

Go here to to make a pledge of your own, and we'd love it if you shared what you pledged on this thread.

SacreBlue Fri 28-Jun-13 10:02:31

I used to do a lot more work for local charities as I had more time when my DS was little. A friend and I organised a Burns night as a fundraiser for the Rape Crisis Centre.

I honestly thought, having cooked dinner for the entire event in myo tiny kitchen <has vision of every surface covered by huge catering saucepans full of 'neeps & tatties' & platters of haggis ::shudder::> that if I never did another thing it would be too soon grin we raised a decent amount though and I was really pleased at the community spirit shown by the attendees and local businesses.

Currently I give via Kiva, and have scaled back interviews and speaking that I used to do to promote local causes, but I still do promote/attend events in the local community because even if you only show up for an hour that makes you part of the bigger picture. It is so disappointing when folks make the effort to create an event and then not get people turning up so I think that is a good way to be supportive without necessarily spending a lot of time or money.

I like the idea of the guerrilla gardening smile we still save seeds from fruit we buy, and have rather a collection now, we used to pop them in pots and see what grew but our cats (and my chronic lack of green thumb) generally put paid to anything that managed to grow! Over the summer I'll get DS & DN to make up some 'bombs' with the seeds we have and 'go gardening' grin

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